Friday, March 31, 2006

Feeling better now

I had my yearly check up on Thursday. Everything looked good. I got the last of my Hepatitus vaccinations so now I'm immune to type A & B. Yeah! The doc gave me some really good pain killers too so that's helping my mouth out a lot.

I splurged on an electric toothbrush last night cause the dentist said that if I didn't brush well enough then my gums might continue to get reinfected and I would end up in pain like this often. I don't like this pain so I splurged. I love the toothbrush! My teeth feel so good after I brush with it and it cuts down a lot on the gum bleeding too. My teeth also look much whiter which tells me that I really wasn't brushing well before but I'll be doing better from now on.

Work is still really tense and I think that once I have my teeth healed and my face isn't so broken out, I'm gonna start trying to interview for a new job. I'm tired of being tense and anxious all the time.

On the house front, I'm starting to get the utility bills for the first month in the house and they are about 1/3 of what we were paying in the apartment so that makes me very happy.

LB, the black stray that took in a few months back, is spending his first day out in the general population today. I've been leaving him out at night the last couple of nights cause I've been sleeping on the couch and Dh is upstairs so we've been able to keep a closer eye on them. I actually caught Mischief bathing LB this morning so I think they are going to be okay. I will admit to wanting to keep LB. He's the only one that will sit in my lap and let me rub him for hours if I want to. It's very nice to have that when I'm not feeling well.

Hope everyone is doing okay. Thank you to those of you who have sent sympathy cards. We appreciate it. Thank you Anne and Steen for showing at the funeral. That was a welcome surprise and it made the day much better. Dh is doing well. FIL died of a Heart attack for sure according to the coroner. I'll be sending DH to the doc to get his cholesterol and triglycerides checked again.

Wish me luck this weekend. I'll be buying some yard stuff and actually working in my yard. This will be a first for me and I can hardly wait!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Back home

We've made it back safe and sound. While going through all the paperwork, I did find a small life policy that was enough to pay for the funeral and pay off the house and car debts so MIL is going to allowed to keep her house. Why she wants to keep the house, I will never know. The house is in ruins. It needs to be completely torn down. I don't know how they are living in it. I spent over an hour in the shower when we got home scrubbing like crazy cause I felt so diry after staying in the house for the time that I did. Those of you that know me, know that I'm not a clean freak but after being in that house, I will be much cleaner from now on. *shudder*

My mouth started hurting on the plane Monday. By the time tuesday morning came around, I was in misery. I went to the Emergency dentist to find out that I had an infection in my gum and they gave me some rinse to help clear it up and some pain killers to deal with the pain. The stuff they gave me didn't even touch the pain so I broke out the left over oxycotton from my surgery. Even that didn't kill all of the pain. I'm at work today but my mouth is still hurting really bad. The pain killers have made me drowsy and nauseous but they haven't killed all the pain which just stinks!

The check engine light also came on in the Nissan Monday so the car took a trip to the shop to find that the temp gauge was going bad. Office manager then called to make sure I was coming in today cause she's had a death in the family and needed to go to the viewing on Wednesday night.

This has definately been one of the worst months in recent history. I'm ready for this week to be over so I can catch up on some sleep and rest.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Today is gonna suck.

I'm sitting here at work. One of the big office guys just came in. We're having another "meeting" about the work situation. This time it's one on one meetings with him to discuss our feelings and concerns. This "meeting" is why I'm not on Marta right now with DH. I was told I had to be here for this meeting instead of traveling with my husband to console him and keep him company and help with the funeral arrangements. I'm beginning to think I need a new job whether they get rid of the problem child or not. I'm worried about Justin. He had this blank look on his face this morning. I don't think that it's really sunk in that he's lost his dad yet and I hate not being there when he sees the body the first time cause I know that's when it's gonna hit him and I know he won't be comfortable showing it in front of his mom since she's going through a lot too.

Dh says they are going to gather all the insurance and pension and mortgage paperwork together and let me go through it when I get there since I'm not as emotional and I have a little more experience with this stuff since I helped Gram when Pap died and I've helped mom and dad keep their finances together and I even set up a budget plan for my brother. MIL sound like a wreck. She actually thanked me last night for letting Justin come up there so quickly and for coming myself as soon as I could. This hit me odd. She doesn't ever thank me so I know she's having a rough time plus Justin going up there was a necessity as far as I was concerned since it was his dad. Me going up is also necessary as far as I'm concerned cause I'm not gonna make DH face all this alone.

MIL may end up selling her home because they are behind on the mortgage and FIL was the major money earner. From the sounds of it, he didn't have any life insurance either so I have no idea how we are going to pay for a funeral cause I know MIL doesn't have the money and I know we can't come up with it this quickly.

I'm nervous about DH flying on his own. He doesn't like planes. I thought he was gonna have a stroke when we flew up to PA for Kirabug's wedding and the return trip was worse for him. I'm really nervous about flying on my own tomorrow. I'm an even worse flyer than DH since I'm also afraid of heights. *shudder* Maybe I can sleep on the plane. It's only a 2 hour flight but it leaves atlanta at 8pm tomorrow. It's delta flight number 1676. We'll be returning on Monday on delta flight 1249. This way if there is a plane crash this weekend you guys will know if it's us or not *sarcastic grin here*

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

bad news

I'm gonna be out of contact for a little while. MIL called us at 6:00am this morning to tell us that FIL had died of a heart attack while he was out walking the dog this morning. DH is flying up to Philly tomorrow to help with the arrangements. I'll be flying up Friday after work to be with him and help. I'll be coming back to Atlanta Monday afternoon but I don't know when DH is coming back. If the funeral is this weekend, then he'll come back with me on Monday but if it isn't, he'll be staying till the funeral occurs.

Things around the house are in a bit of chaos as we try to find the money to make this flight since we just sunk all the money into the house but I think that we'll manage it. I'll have to find time to buy a black dress to wear to the funeral cause I don't own one. Dh is getting his suit dry cleaned. He's off work today too getting everything ready so he can fly out tomorrow. We're trying to get him on the 11:40 flight which puts him getting in to philly around 2pm. He's called his friend Michael to see if he can pick him up at the airport since MIL and BIL don't know how to drive. If Michael can't pick him up, DH is gonna take the train as close to MIL's house as possible and then take a cab or walk to the house.

I wish we were going up there for different reasons. I'm very glad that we went up in August and spent some time with the in-laws even though I complained about it then. I'm kinda in shock. I really thought my dad would be the first of our parents to go. FIL wasn't sick. He didn't have a history of heart problems. He was a little overweight and he did smoke but he wasn't in bad shape so this is very sudden and unexpected. I told DH that he was going to learn to like salads and start excercising more cause there was no way on earth I was gonna have him kill over on me in 25 years like that. I think I'll take my own advise and to the same as well. I need to get away from the fast food and soda anyway.

I'm kinda of rambling and I'm sorry guys. I'm still in shock and a little swamped trying to make arrangements to get from here to there and back again. I'll try to blog when I get back.

Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm an aunt!

My litter brother called yesterday. His son, Alec Michael, was born yesterday and weighed in at 7lbs2oz. I'm very happy for him and I know he was very excited.

I also found out recently that one of my best friends from college just adopted a baby. She had been on the waiting list for a while and she now has a beautiful daughter.

I have to admit that seeing all these babies has me back in the wanting a baby mood but I can't afford to do that right now and won't be trying until after July at the earliest. I even made a doctor's appointment so I can get my prescription refilled.

The apartment complex called today to tell me that they were returning my entire deposit of $250. I said great and hung up. I then started thinking and looked back through my records to discover I only put down a deposit of $200. The apartment called back just as I discovered this to say that they were charging me $30 buck to transfer the water service back into their name from mine and $20 because they lost the keys. I protested the lost keys and actually told them where the girl had put them so they found them. I protested the water fee and they were being stubborn so I decided not to tell them that they were giving me $50 too much on my deposit to begin with! I'm so glad to be out of there!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

apartment is clean

I'm going to go turn in the keys tonight. I'm so glad that chore is finally done.

I went to the doctor and they don't think my wrist is broken but the tendons are pulled in it and very painful. They told me to keep wearing the brace for a week or two and if it didn't get better, to come back. This was mostly good news for me. I hate the brace but it helps with the pain.

I'm heading to the laundry mat tonight after work so I can get some clean cloths. I have a lot to do and I know it won't wait for the new washer to be delivered so to laundry we go. At least I can get 4 or 5 loads done in about 3 hours instead of it taking all day.

I'm still very tired but I'm finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Most of the hard work is done now and it just a matter of unpacking a few boxes a night till it's all put away.

Monday, March 13, 2006

tired now.

We're in the house. We are still going over to the apartment and cleaning and packing stuff that we didn't get packed before the movers got there on Saturday. It took them 5 hours to load and unload everything.

Mischief is having a blast exploring and climbing all over boxes. Smokey is still a little leary of all the new noises. Spike is completely terrified and will only come out when Justin is present and will rub him and even then he'll hide if I make a loud noise like opening a box or moving a pan.

Dh and I are exhausted cause we of course couldn't just let the movers do all the work. We pitched in and helped to thinking that it would get done faster and save us $120 bucks which it probably did.

Our washer has died so I need to go replace it. The motor burnt up and I'm not savvy enough to replace the motor so this weekend we have to go buy a new washer.

I haven't picked up a needle since last Thursday and probably won't for the rest of this week cause I'm too busy unpacking and cleaning to actually cross stitch.

I've got a brace on my left wrist and I'm hoping that I haven't broken it again. It's been fractured twice. I don't remember hitting anything this time but it is entirely possible that the weight of the boxes and the constant use have caused a stress fracture. I put the brace on from the last time that I fractured it and I'm using it cause I just don't have time to go to the doctor right now. I will try to get it looked at this weekend if it's still hurting this bad by then.

My days this week pretty much consist of getting up at 6am. Out the door and into traffic by 7:30am. Work from 9am - 5pm. Drive to the apartment, clean, box, load. Drive home, unload, shower, try to eat something drop into bed around 11pm. Then it starts all over again. Even though I'm getting about 7 hours of sleep every night, I still feel like I haven't slept at all every morning. I guess the sounds of the new house are bugging me too. It doesn't help that we've seen evidence of mice so every time I hear a scratch, I expect a mouse to come out and it's usually the cats trying to get into a box.

Blogging will be a little sparse this week as the schedule that I showed above leaves no time for blogging. I have to turn in the keys to the apartment on Thursday though so this weekend should be much easier and I am definately taking the time to go to the shop and lunch and Nease's this weekend. I'll blog again when I can.

Monday, March 06, 2006

packing packing packing

We spent all day Sunday packing. I was very surprised to find that we had 17 boxes of books and 6 boxes of movies. I didn't realize we had accumulated that much of those items. I'm almost afraid to see how many boxes my craft stash are going to take to pack up. I'll be glad when the move is over. I don't mind packing. It's the manuevering around the boxes that's killing me. We're also being given the evil eye from Mischief and Smokey who have been through this before. Spike is just confused and a little scared.

Friday, March 03, 2006

We are Homeowners!

Now I'm excited. The closing is done. We officially own the house. I have a key. All the contractors are scheduled for Monday. I'll be making a trip to the house on Sunday for my first official time in the house as the owner so I can take measurements and look at curtains. I also get to seriously start the packing effort for when the movers show up on the 11th.

We took Mischief to the vet yesterday evening too cause she is very testy and attacking with little or no reason. The vet said that she did have a fever and seemed to be very stressed but she couldn't really see any reason that would cause the behavior changed. I mentioned that we had caught her peeing on the floor once so they ran a test for a Urinary infection. There wasn't an infection but they did find crystals and the vet said that would be what was doing it cause that would cause her pain. She's now on antibiotics for the slight cold and special food for the crystals and she can't have any of her favorite treats anymore or any people food either. The vet said with the special food and the reduction of stress after we move, she should improve. We closed her in the bedroom with us last night and she was just as happy as could be about it. I think the boys were just aggravating her too much when she didn't feel well.