Tuesday, February 28, 2006

We're in the Home Stretch now

Well. It looks like we might actually close on Thursday as planned. We had some tense moments this week. I actually told the real estate agent to stuff the house at one point because of money issues. The final figures they gave me this week showed me getting back 500 of the money I had put in when I was supposed to get back all of the money I put in because the seller is paying everything. This means I was missing $600 and I hit the roof. It took 2 hours and several explinations before I calmed down. They also had to rework the figures and correct several errors.

I almost had another problem this morning but it was avoided because of the wonderful advice from Valerie. When I asked the mortgage company if they needed a letter from my apartment complex and they told me no. Valerie cautioned me to get it anyway. The mortgage company called today to tell me they needed it by 3pm today or I wouldn't be able to close on Thursday. Thankfully, I had gotten this letter already and had it on me. I bow at the feet of Valerie for saving me that headache.

We have all of the contractors scheduled to come out next week so that all the repairs will be done before we move in on the 11th. I can't wait till Thursday is over and some of these aggravations go away.

I think even the cats are starting to feel the stress. Mischief woke us up this morning. An hour before I was supposed to get up we heard this aweful noise. We sprang out of bed to see what was going on cause it sounded like a cat war was going on. We found Mischief backed into a corner under the desk hissing and growling and curled into a ball but there was no one near her. We have no idea why she was freaking out. Once we got her calmed down, we noticed that there was a piece of foam about 3 inches long stuck in her front paw. I don't know if she was mad cause the foam was stuck or if she had been fighting with one of the others and they had given up by the time we got out there or if she just spazed for no reason. I know it took almost an hour to calm her down though. The boys were of course nervous as all get out too cause they were panicked that Mischief was about to kill them.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Nashville Buying Spree

I hesitated to post this cause I spent a lot of money cause it was my b'day and I had gotten money from a couple of different people so I splurged big time.

Pear Dragon from Generations Cross Stitch
Golden Tomato Dragon from Generations Cross Stitch
The Time I Spend Stitching from Dragon Dreams
Messy but Mine from Dragon Dreams
Child of Mind from Dragon Dreams
Greatest Gift from X's & Oh's
Be Wise from X's & Oh's
Love Yourself from X's and Oh's
Christmas Guardian from Black Swan
Proof from Dragon Dreams
Taste of Winter from Brenda Franklin Designs
Snow Fight Red from Cross Eyed Kat
Snow Fight Blue from Cross Eyed Kat
Holly Jolly Christmas from X's and Oh's
Coffee Dragon from X's and Oh's
Dragonal Seasons from Fanta Cat Designs
Milk Dragon from X's and Oh's
Tea Dragon from X's and Oh's

#4 Kreinik Braid Natural assortment
#4 Kreinik Braid Dance assortment
#4 Kreinik Braid Gemstone assortment
Dinky Dyes Silks - fantasy blues, christmas pines, wild cherry, daydream, rain forest
GAST - freedom, grape leaf, briar rose, dark chocolate

Fat 1/4 of 28ct jewel crystal lugana from picture this plus
Fat 1/4 of 28ct phoenix crystal lugana from picture this plus

I also signed up for the keychain club again.
Both my wallet and my fingers are now smoking! I had fun though and this is the last of the stash I will buy for quite some time so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

almost there

I have all the stuff done to get ready for the closing. We came to an agreement on the repairs. We are adjusting the purchase price a little bit to help pay for all the repairs and get everything done. The closing is set for March 2nd at 3pm. The mortgage papers are all signed. The appraisal has been done and looks great. The insurance is set up and faxed where it needs to be. We are meeting with the repair people on 2/24th to see exactly what the repairs are gonna cost. I think the headache part is done. I hope. I pray.

I rang in my b'day with the flu. I stayed home sick on Monday but I dragged myself in today cause I can't miss work when I will be spending all that money at closing next week.
My family didn't call till late on Sunday to wish me happy b'day. I was beginning to think they had all forgotten.

Not much going on here other than being ill and trying to start the packing process. The movers will be at my house on 3/11 at 10am to move everything. I feel like I'm in limbo a little waiting for things to happen now.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


House: We've submitted the laundry list of things that we would like repaired and are waiting for a response.

Dentist: My mouth is still in a lot of pain. The tooth that I was complaining about hurting actually hurts worse now and the dentist didn't give me any pain killer at all. I've come to the conclusion that it's time to find a new dentist and not go back to the one that hurts me.

Stray Cats: LB has been taken into the house cause we found him limping. He is now fixed and all caught up with his shots but needs to find a new home since he has become so possessive of me that even attacks my hair thinking that it's another cat getting close to me. BB is still outside and being fed and we are pretty sure that she is pregnant. We are trying to find a shelter that will come and take her and find homes for her and her kittens. Gimp has reappeared after quite a while missing which surprised me. He still won't let us anywhere near him though no matter what kind of food we are holding. His reappearance ironically enough happened when we think BB was in heat.

I get to turn 30 on Saturday the 19th which is fast approaching.

I've been at my new job 9 months now so I guess I should quit calling it my new job.

I've started Mermaid of the Pearls and I am already half way done with her after 2 weeks. She's a lot of fun to stitch. I'm not making any progress on Guardian though. For some reason I just can't work up any gumption on it since learning that the book has been postponed.

I'm looking forward to the S&B at Nease's on Thursday since last weekend was Nashville market. I want to see what she got but may not be able to if she doesn't have it priced yet which she probably won't.

SIL is due in March and they are starting to think that it might be twins but aren't sure yet.

I think that catches everything up. There is just too much going on right now.

Monday, February 13, 2006

so much for being a slug

The inspector found quite a bit wrong with the house including rotted siding all over the place. The roof is going to cost double what we were expecting cause there was damage to it even though it looked fine before he started poking it. There are electric and plumbing issues that are not up to code. I seriously doubt that the woman will want to fix all of this stuff or that it can be fixed before 3/2 when we were supposed to close so that means that we will probably be postponing the closing or letting the deal fall through. It's all a matter of how she responds to the list of repairs that we are requesting.

Saturday started off in good slug fashion. Then I got hungry so I decided to cook which of course led to having to do dishes. The dishwasher spewed water onto the kitchen floor because the door apparently didn't seal properly when I closed it. I cleaned up that mess and treated myself to homemade chocolate lava cake. Yum. LB (the stray cat) flat out attached Mischief with intent to do serious harm. I now have to find something to do with him soon cause I'm not sleeping with him in the bedroom and our 3 yahoos crying outside the bedroom cause they can't get in.

Sunday, we broke down and went out for a little shopping. I got to be completely embarrassed when one of my dad's drinking buddies came up to me and started a conversation while I was looking at lingere. *shudder* We also went out to lunch and got some books. I then spend the rest of the day doing laundry. Then I woke up this morning the LB biting and pulling my hair. *ouch* I really need to find something to do with him. I can't have him biting me for no reason and trying to pull my hair out at night.

Now I'm back at work in a very tense atmosphere.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I give up.

I don't know what I did, but I apparently did something really bad and I am now being punished for it.

We signed a contract on the house. I thought I would be happy. This has only caused me more problems that it's worth. The inspector we hired canceled on us twice in a row which forced us to find another inspector at the last minute. The woman in the house took offense to the fact that we had roofers coming out during the inspection times even though we had told her we were going to do it. I'm so frustrated with people not telling me everything that I'm about ready to tell them where to stuff the house and the loan.

I went to the dentist this morning to have 2 cavities filled. The dentist cut my lip open. When this happened, I naturally jerked cause it hurt and she got my gum with the stupid drill. My mouth got split open more than cut open I guess cause she tried to open my mouth and lips wider than they would go and my lip split open where the drill cord was resting against it and causing more pressure.

I've had enough. Work is almost intolerable. I'm to the point where I feel physically ill every morning when getting ready for work. If it weren't for the fact that I would lose my loan if I changed jobs right now, I would have already quit. I can't quit yet so I know I have to deal with this until after the closing and the loan is secured. I have started putting out feelers for a new job though cause I just can't do this. I know it's letting her win and I hate that but I can't spend 8 hours of every day miserable and stay healthy.

I'm going to hide all weekend. I'm going to be a slug. I'm going to sit on my couch and stitch and eat junk food that is aweful for me. I'm going to stay in my sweats and be comfortable. I'm not going to cook. I'm not going to clean. I'm not going to do anything that even resembles work. Hopefully after a weekend of doing these things I will feel able to start a new week of misery.

I know this is a negative post and I apoligize. I've been avoiding posting cause I knew it would be negative. Someone please tell me that my life will settle back down after we have closed and moved in!