Tuesday, February 28, 2006

We're in the Home Stretch now

Well. It looks like we might actually close on Thursday as planned. We had some tense moments this week. I actually told the real estate agent to stuff the house at one point because of money issues. The final figures they gave me this week showed me getting back 500 of the money I had put in when I was supposed to get back all of the money I put in because the seller is paying everything. This means I was missing $600 and I hit the roof. It took 2 hours and several explinations before I calmed down. They also had to rework the figures and correct several errors.

I almost had another problem this morning but it was avoided because of the wonderful advice from Valerie. When I asked the mortgage company if they needed a letter from my apartment complex and they told me no. Valerie cautioned me to get it anyway. The mortgage company called today to tell me they needed it by 3pm today or I wouldn't be able to close on Thursday. Thankfully, I had gotten this letter already and had it on me. I bow at the feet of Valerie for saving me that headache.

We have all of the contractors scheduled to come out next week so that all the repairs will be done before we move in on the 11th. I can't wait till Thursday is over and some of these aggravations go away.

I think even the cats are starting to feel the stress. Mischief woke us up this morning. An hour before I was supposed to get up we heard this aweful noise. We sprang out of bed to see what was going on cause it sounded like a cat war was going on. We found Mischief backed into a corner under the desk hissing and growling and curled into a ball but there was no one near her. We have no idea why she was freaking out. Once we got her calmed down, we noticed that there was a piece of foam about 3 inches long stuck in her front paw. I don't know if she was mad cause the foam was stuck or if she had been fighting with one of the others and they had given up by the time we got out there or if she just spazed for no reason. I know it took almost an hour to calm her down though. The boys were of course nervous as all get out too cause they were panicked that Mischief was about to kill them.


Blogger Valerie (grvlgal) said...

I'm SO glad that the frustration my mortgage company put me through was able to save you from being put through the same frustration with yours. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well. :D

2:19 PM  
Blogger kirabug said...

Yay that everything is going well again! I hope it stays that way.

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:55 AM  

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