Tuesday, February 21, 2006

almost there

I have all the stuff done to get ready for the closing. We came to an agreement on the repairs. We are adjusting the purchase price a little bit to help pay for all the repairs and get everything done. The closing is set for March 2nd at 3pm. The mortgage papers are all signed. The appraisal has been done and looks great. The insurance is set up and faxed where it needs to be. We are meeting with the repair people on 2/24th to see exactly what the repairs are gonna cost. I think the headache part is done. I hope. I pray.

I rang in my b'day with the flu. I stayed home sick on Monday but I dragged myself in today cause I can't miss work when I will be spending all that money at closing next week.
My family didn't call till late on Sunday to wish me happy b'day. I was beginning to think they had all forgotten.

Not much going on here other than being ill and trying to start the packing process. The movers will be at my house on 3/11 at 10am to move everything. I feel like I'm in limbo a little waiting for things to happen now.


Blogger Valerie (grvlgal) said...

Happy belated birthday!!!! :::tosses confetti everywhere and swears to clean it up later:::

At least you didn't get the flu before the Nashville run. You'll have to call or e-mail me and let me know what your haul was. *G*

I hated that limbo feeling, but it'll all be over and you'll be homeowners before you know it.

May I say on your behalf.....wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! *G*

3:31 PM  

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