Monday, January 16, 2006

sorry to be quite so long

There really hasn't been much going on here. We've been going to work and coming home. We went out and looked at 5 more houses on Sunday but they just weren't what we wanted. One of them might be okay but I'd really like to find something that is more than okay. I think we irritated the real estate agent a little. He commented more than once that I wasn't my usual chipper self and that I seemed much more restrained than normal. All I could think was what did you expect? He showed us a house that he put on the market too and I think our non-interest irritated him a little but it just wasn't what we were looking for even though I'm sure that it was the wonderful value that he said it was.

This coming week should be busy though. I'm at work today while DH is at home with the day off. Tomorrow I have my first dentist appointment since 1/2000. I'm not looking forward to it. Wednesday, I'm in an all day training class on the new auto system we are switching to at work. Thursday is the Stitch & Bitch at Nease's. Friday the office manager is out at training all day. Saturday is the GTG at Cindy's house. I'm looking forward to Saturday.

We also got the bad news that the coworker that filed the discrimation charges against us may actually be coming back to work this week. She's expected in the office on Wednesday as long as her doctor's appointment goes okay on Tuesday. This could make the end of the week very interesting. The other two girls in the office are threatening to quit if she comes back. I can not handle this office on my own. There is just no way.


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