Thursday, January 26, 2006

Life has exploded

The coworker that is complaining (whom I will now refer to as the witch) did return to work on the 18th acting as if nothing was wrong. I had class from 9-3 on our new auto system so I missed most of that first day and only arrived in the afternoon to deal with her for 2 hours.

The 19th was pretty uneventful. The witch was in training all day and didn't return afterward which didn't hurt my feelings.

The 20th the boss and office manager were in training and the other girl called off so I was left alone all day in the office with the witch. It was a very bad day.

Saturday the 21st was wonderful! I had a great day with all of my stitching friends. We talked, we ate, we played with the animals! So much fun. I didn't get home till around 3am on Sunday morning but it was all worth it!

Sunday I slept in until after noon which is very unusual for me but I had a late night so no problem. We were supposed to go out and look at houses on sunday but we ended up not going cause neither Dh or I felt like it. I think we both had a touch of a cold starting.

Dh woke me up at 2:30am on monday morning to tell me that the hot water heater was gushing water. He turned off the water and the gas going into the hot water heater and we began the futile attempt to call the apartment office to let them know. I called off work and DH went in to work since he could shower in the gym before starting work. We finally got hold of the office at 9am and they said they would send someone right out since it was an emergency situation. I doubted that it would be quick but they surprised me by showing up at 9:30am. They attached the drain hose to the water heater and turned the valve to drain only to have the valve fall off and water again started gushing out of the water heater. I plugged the hole with a plastic back and grabbed my roaster so they could slowly pull the bag out, fill the roaster, put the bag back in and empty the roaster down the sink. It took them about 30 minutes to finish draining the water heater this way. They then detached it and tryed to pull it out of the closet that it was in only to discover that they couldn't get it past the air conditioner and out of the closet. They then cut a big hole in the wall and removed the water heater through that and put the new one in and hooked it up. It's now 1pm by this time. Then the carpet people came in and sucked up all the water and fixed our carpet. Then the dry wall people came in and fixed the whole in the wall. It's now 3:30pm. After he fixed the wall, he told me that they would come in on Tuesday and paint it. Okay.

Tuesday we locked up the cats so they could come in and paint only to come home and find that they hadn't painted. Tuesday we also had the whole office meeting to address the witch's complaints. The meeting started at 1:30 and lasted until a little after 4pm. The witch said a lot of horrible things about me and targeted me the most. She flat out lied about things that I had said and things that she had said. I was in shock because I was told that all of the things she complained about didn't really involve anything that I had done but she came up with a whole lot of crap about me anyway. She started off the meeting saying that she didn't feel our home lives, past experiences, news, or politics should be talked about in the work place. I respondeded with "then what are we supposed to talk about?". After that I got attacked with a slew of verbal garbage! The other girls backed me up. The meeting ended with one girl saying that she would do her best to not yell or lose her temper anymore, the office manager saying that she would try to get in the middle from now on when she saw an issue developing, me saying that I'll keep my mouth shut until I'm sure that what I say is not going to offend someone, and the witch saying that she would continue to be strong and deal with the attitude in the office. I left work so mad that I was pure beet red and felt like there was steam coming off of me. After talking with DH that night, we both decided that after we closed on a house, I would start looking for a new job.

Wednesday morning started with the witch attacking me again. The office manager stepped in and made her back off. Wednesday night as we were sitting here waiting for it to be time for Pilates class, the boss came out to talk to me and the office manager. I had a feeling of dread settle in my stomach thinking that I was going to lose my job due to the episode that morning. Instead I got told that he wanted me to stay and that if it came down to losing me, he would fire the witch. He's gonna make a file of all of her mistakes and start giving her meetings about her mistakes so that he can fire her without being sued over it and he asked me to be patient until he could work up the file. He made me feel a lot better and it was nice to hear that I was a valued member of the office and that he didn't want me to leave.

Today, the office complex called to let us know that they have been unable to paint our wall because they have once again lost the key to our apartment so they haven't been able to get in. So now, DH took his lunch break and went down to the apartment complex so they could make a copy of our key. This is the second time they have lost the keys to our apartment. This is ridiculous. Thank god we are moving out as soon as we can close on a house!

Whew... well that catches everyone up with the chaos that has become my life. Hope everyone is doing well.


Blogger Erin said...

Good grief! What a crummy week for you. {{{hugs}}}

1:58 AM  
Blogger kevinerickson18380393 said...

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Anonymous Jenna said...

Goodness gracious! That girl and the apartment need to go! *hug*

12:55 PM  
Blogger kirabug said...

*hug* sorry things have been so rough.

...if i can make a suggestion, though, considering the climate at work, you may want to stop posting about it here. if "the witch" finds this she'll have more ammunition for that lawsuit she's threatening.... it's why I rarely if ever mention work on my blog. (and believe you me, after yesterday, I'd love go to off about work!)

good luck with the house hunt and getting out of that insane apartment! if there's anything we can do, give a yell.


1:30 PM  
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