Monday, April 24, 2006

Sorry to take so long

I'm sorry that I've kinda dropped off of here. I've felt very quiet lately. DH has even commented that I'm talking as much. I've been feeling a little down and a lot reflective.

I have started stitching again and I'm working away on a Christmas piece for the fair in August. I have to get my stitching stand fixed so that I can speed my stitching time back up. I can't believe it's almost May and I've only finished 1 piece so far this year. That's really behind for me. I usually average at least one piece a month.

I'm still unpacking. This is taking forever cause I'm not doing a lot of it now that the things we need are done. Life keeps getting in the way. We did get all the Christmas stuff up into the attic so that it's out of the way. My cloths are completely unpacked and I've been after DH to finish his. He hasn't finished unloading the computer stuff yet either so I'm without a printer at home. We haven't managed to hook up the TV in the bedroom yet either which may be a blessing.

The cats are spending most of their time away from us in the last two weeks. I think they just figured out that they don't have to be in the same room as we are. They are just now starting to really enjoy the freedom of the new house I think.

I feel so tired and run down lately. No matter how much I sleep or rest, I'm still tired. I feel okay for the most part other than that. I just don't feel like doing anything that requires any real physical movement. I don't want to unpack. I don't want to clean. I don't want to work in the yard. I don't want to cook. I'm in the mood where I would be perfectly happy to just stay at home and read and nap all day for quite some time but life doesn't allow me to do that so I'm here at work hoping that the day will move quickly so I can go home and sit on my couch and not do anything.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

slow days

It's been really slow. We got out in the yard on Sunday and mowed the lawn. This taught me just how out of shape I am. You guys haven't seen my yard yet but it's not that big. I had to take 3 brakes and let DH mow the back cause I was too tired. This is pathetic. It's time to get the excersize tapes out. Bless you guys for not telling me that I'm getting fat and lumpy!

My mom and dad are leaving on the 20th to move to Texas. My dad has taken a job as a rock quarry forman. This baffles me. He's been fixing cars for 40 years and he suddenly decides to make a career change and move halfway across the US as the age of 59. What really baffles me is he went from wanting to buy a house here so he could be close to us when we start having kids and being closer to my brother and his son to moving very far away where I will not be able to come visit for several years at least. This is one of those HUH moments that he is so fond of giving me. The good part of all this is that mom is gonna stop working which she needs to do since she keeps reinjuring her back and hip from lifting things that she has no business lifting as a 55 year old woman that has had major intestinal surgery in the last 5 years.

I sent in my entry to the TWBB trivia contest and I'm curious to know if I got them right or not but I'll find out on Saturday. I'll be heading to the Georgia Ren Fair on Sunday the 16th with DH, Mom, and mom's friend Chester for opening weekend. I know mom loves to go and she'll have a lot of fun since DH and I will be in costume and her friend is going for the first time so she can show him everything. It'll be really nice to spend the day with her too since she'll be moving next week.

The house is slowly getting into shape but we got the bad news on Sunday that our hot water heater is going bad so we need to get that fixed up. It shouldn't be too bad. I'm still waiting on my deposit to be refunded from the apartment complex and that amount will cover the cost of the new water heater.

That's about it here. Problem child is still in the office cause the boss is afraid of a lawsuit which just kills me. I think she'll sue no matter how good of a case he has for firing her but what do I know. If she's still here the end of this month, I've decided that I'm putting my resume out and forget the office loyalty cause I've had enough bull. Wish me luck.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Apparently I'm Childish

Problem Child in the office ran out of ink in her printer 2 days ago. She never told anyone, she just kept trying to print pages that of course did not print out correctly. I saw what the problem was but I kept my mouth shut. I later was called childish for not saying anything and finding it funny that she didn't realize she was out of ink even though the printer was flashing the orange you are out of ink symbol at her.

I tried to defend myself. Last time I tried to "help" her before she asked for help, I got questioned about why I was watching what she was doing. If I ask her if she needs help, I get snapped at with a why do you want to know or what do mean.

I guess this is kind of a no win situation. If I sit back and laugh, I'm childish. If I but in and help before I'm asked to by her, I'm called nosy and racist. I think I'd rather be childish. How about you?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Slow Days

The last few days have dragged by for me. I'm feeling much better. The stitches in my mouth are a bit annoying but I'm doing my best to ignore them.

Spent some time with brother, SIL, nephew, mom and dad last night. They came over when we got off of work and talked for a while, then we went out to dinner and then back to the house for a little more visiting. It was a very late night for me and I'm dragging a little today but I did enjoy the visit.

I've almost finished the kitchen. I'll be so glad to get that done. I love having my kitchen organized. I've been slowly washing everything. I didn't think this was going to be necessary since I had packed it but a lot of gunk got into the boxes so everything had to be washed before we used it. I've been doing 3 dishwasher loads a day for a while now and we've just about got the stuff we use all the time washed so we can start eating at home again. The stuff we use very rarely will still be getting washed but there isn't such a rush on it.

Dh was up on the roof fixing the gutter covers last night while I was inside working on my kitchen. It's kinda wierd to go home to a chore every night instead of sitting on the couch stitching. I miss the stitching. I like the activity though so I'm gonna have to find a balance between the two.

Work has been tense. The problem child is out of the office today and that is good. Unfortunately, all of the people that she has messed something up on are calling today and that's putting the boss in a really bad mood. This in turn makes the office tense again anyway. This sucks. I really need to start looking for a new job if my life will settle down long enough for me to do so.

Monday, April 03, 2006

stupid teeth

My weekend plans were ruined due to my teeth. On Saturday night, I finally admitted to myself that something serious had to be wrong because the pain in my mouth was growing worse instead of better and even the good pain killers weren't killing all the pain anymore.

We took another trip to the emergency dentist on Sunday morning and they found an abseced (I can't spell) tooth. They gave me a choice of a root canal or pulling the tooth. After discussing cost, the likley hood of the root canal working, the space they had to work with since I have a small mouth (feel free to put snarky comment here) and it was a tooth all the way in the back, we decided it would be better to pull it. Five minutes later I was minus a tooth and all that pain. Today my jaw is a little sore where the tooth is missing but it isn't bad. I don't even need advil to deal with it which is an incredible improvement. Who knew that one little tooth could cause so many problems.

I really do need to get the yardwork at some point. The grass is getting tall and the people probably think we are slobs from the look of our yard right now. I thought about doing it tonight but we were blessed with thunderstorms today so that ruined that thought. Hopefully I'll get to it this week.

My little brother is driving in today to surprise my mom with a visit. SIL and little Alec will be coming with him. I know mom will really enjoy this. Too bad she has to work until 8pm tonight. We'll probably get roped into dinner tonight but that's okay. It'll be nice to see my nephew.