Tuesday, April 11, 2006

slow days

It's been really slow. We got out in the yard on Sunday and mowed the lawn. This taught me just how out of shape I am. You guys haven't seen my yard yet but it's not that big. I had to take 3 brakes and let DH mow the back cause I was too tired. This is pathetic. It's time to get the excersize tapes out. Bless you guys for not telling me that I'm getting fat and lumpy!

My mom and dad are leaving on the 20th to move to Texas. My dad has taken a job as a rock quarry forman. This baffles me. He's been fixing cars for 40 years and he suddenly decides to make a career change and move halfway across the US as the age of 59. What really baffles me is he went from wanting to buy a house here so he could be close to us when we start having kids and being closer to my brother and his son to moving very far away where I will not be able to come visit for several years at least. This is one of those HUH moments that he is so fond of giving me. The good part of all this is that mom is gonna stop working which she needs to do since she keeps reinjuring her back and hip from lifting things that she has no business lifting as a 55 year old woman that has had major intestinal surgery in the last 5 years.

I sent in my entry to the TWBB trivia contest and I'm curious to know if I got them right or not but I'll find out on Saturday. I'll be heading to the Georgia Ren Fair on Sunday the 16th with DH, Mom, and mom's friend Chester for opening weekend. I know mom loves to go and she'll have a lot of fun since DH and I will be in costume and her friend is going for the first time so she can show him everything. It'll be really nice to spend the day with her too since she'll be moving next week.

The house is slowly getting into shape but we got the bad news on Sunday that our hot water heater is going bad so we need to get that fixed up. It shouldn't be too bad. I'm still waiting on my deposit to be refunded from the apartment complex and that amount will cover the cost of the new water heater.

That's about it here. Problem child is still in the office cause the boss is afraid of a lawsuit which just kills me. I think she'll sue no matter how good of a case he has for firing her but what do I know. If she's still here the end of this month, I've decided that I'm putting my resume out and forget the office loyalty cause I've had enough bull. Wish me luck.


Anonymous Jenna said...

Interesting move by your father. And you definitely have my wishes for good luck with the office terrors that you've been dealing with!

1:39 PM  

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