Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Slow Days

The last few days have dragged by for me. I'm feeling much better. The stitches in my mouth are a bit annoying but I'm doing my best to ignore them.

Spent some time with brother, SIL, nephew, mom and dad last night. They came over when we got off of work and talked for a while, then we went out to dinner and then back to the house for a little more visiting. It was a very late night for me and I'm dragging a little today but I did enjoy the visit.

I've almost finished the kitchen. I'll be so glad to get that done. I love having my kitchen organized. I've been slowly washing everything. I didn't think this was going to be necessary since I had packed it but a lot of gunk got into the boxes so everything had to be washed before we used it. I've been doing 3 dishwasher loads a day for a while now and we've just about got the stuff we use all the time washed so we can start eating at home again. The stuff we use very rarely will still be getting washed but there isn't such a rush on it.

Dh was up on the roof fixing the gutter covers last night while I was inside working on my kitchen. It's kinda wierd to go home to a chore every night instead of sitting on the couch stitching. I miss the stitching. I like the activity though so I'm gonna have to find a balance between the two.

Work has been tense. The problem child is out of the office today and that is good. Unfortunately, all of the people that she has messed something up on are calling today and that's putting the boss in a really bad mood. This in turn makes the office tense again anyway. This sucks. I really need to start looking for a new job if my life will settle down long enough for me to do so.


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