Friday, March 31, 2006

Feeling better now

I had my yearly check up on Thursday. Everything looked good. I got the last of my Hepatitus vaccinations so now I'm immune to type A & B. Yeah! The doc gave me some really good pain killers too so that's helping my mouth out a lot.

I splurged on an electric toothbrush last night cause the dentist said that if I didn't brush well enough then my gums might continue to get reinfected and I would end up in pain like this often. I don't like this pain so I splurged. I love the toothbrush! My teeth feel so good after I brush with it and it cuts down a lot on the gum bleeding too. My teeth also look much whiter which tells me that I really wasn't brushing well before but I'll be doing better from now on.

Work is still really tense and I think that once I have my teeth healed and my face isn't so broken out, I'm gonna start trying to interview for a new job. I'm tired of being tense and anxious all the time.

On the house front, I'm starting to get the utility bills for the first month in the house and they are about 1/3 of what we were paying in the apartment so that makes me very happy.

LB, the black stray that took in a few months back, is spending his first day out in the general population today. I've been leaving him out at night the last couple of nights cause I've been sleeping on the couch and Dh is upstairs so we've been able to keep a closer eye on them. I actually caught Mischief bathing LB this morning so I think they are going to be okay. I will admit to wanting to keep LB. He's the only one that will sit in my lap and let me rub him for hours if I want to. It's very nice to have that when I'm not feeling well.

Hope everyone is doing okay. Thank you to those of you who have sent sympathy cards. We appreciate it. Thank you Anne and Steen for showing at the funeral. That was a welcome surprise and it made the day much better. Dh is doing well. FIL died of a Heart attack for sure according to the coroner. I'll be sending DH to the doc to get his cholesterol and triglycerides checked again.

Wish me luck this weekend. I'll be buying some yard stuff and actually working in my yard. This will be a first for me and I can hardly wait!


Blogger kirabug said...

Glad you're feeling better! Sorry to hear about your teeth - my cousin had something similar over the winter and she was in pain for a while, because the tooth just fell to pieces one day -- so take care of yourself!

Glad the coroner was able to put everything to rest (so to speak). Did I tell you Nighthawk's diabetes test came back positive?


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