Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Back home

We've made it back safe and sound. While going through all the paperwork, I did find a small life policy that was enough to pay for the funeral and pay off the house and car debts so MIL is going to allowed to keep her house. Why she wants to keep the house, I will never know. The house is in ruins. It needs to be completely torn down. I don't know how they are living in it. I spent over an hour in the shower when we got home scrubbing like crazy cause I felt so diry after staying in the house for the time that I did. Those of you that know me, know that I'm not a clean freak but after being in that house, I will be much cleaner from now on. *shudder*

My mouth started hurting on the plane Monday. By the time tuesday morning came around, I was in misery. I went to the Emergency dentist to find out that I had an infection in my gum and they gave me some rinse to help clear it up and some pain killers to deal with the pain. The stuff they gave me didn't even touch the pain so I broke out the left over oxycotton from my surgery. Even that didn't kill all of the pain. I'm at work today but my mouth is still hurting really bad. The pain killers have made me drowsy and nauseous but they haven't killed all the pain which just stinks!

The check engine light also came on in the Nissan Monday so the car took a trip to the shop to find that the temp gauge was going bad. Office manager then called to make sure I was coming in today cause she's had a death in the family and needed to go to the viewing on Wednesday night.

This has definately been one of the worst months in recent history. I'm ready for this week to be over so I can catch up on some sleep and rest.


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