Thursday, March 23, 2006

Today is gonna suck.

I'm sitting here at work. One of the big office guys just came in. We're having another "meeting" about the work situation. This time it's one on one meetings with him to discuss our feelings and concerns. This "meeting" is why I'm not on Marta right now with DH. I was told I had to be here for this meeting instead of traveling with my husband to console him and keep him company and help with the funeral arrangements. I'm beginning to think I need a new job whether they get rid of the problem child or not. I'm worried about Justin. He had this blank look on his face this morning. I don't think that it's really sunk in that he's lost his dad yet and I hate not being there when he sees the body the first time cause I know that's when it's gonna hit him and I know he won't be comfortable showing it in front of his mom since she's going through a lot too.

Dh says they are going to gather all the insurance and pension and mortgage paperwork together and let me go through it when I get there since I'm not as emotional and I have a little more experience with this stuff since I helped Gram when Pap died and I've helped mom and dad keep their finances together and I even set up a budget plan for my brother. MIL sound like a wreck. She actually thanked me last night for letting Justin come up there so quickly and for coming myself as soon as I could. This hit me odd. She doesn't ever thank me so I know she's having a rough time plus Justin going up there was a necessity as far as I was concerned since it was his dad. Me going up is also necessary as far as I'm concerned cause I'm not gonna make DH face all this alone.

MIL may end up selling her home because they are behind on the mortgage and FIL was the major money earner. From the sounds of it, he didn't have any life insurance either so I have no idea how we are going to pay for a funeral cause I know MIL doesn't have the money and I know we can't come up with it this quickly.

I'm nervous about DH flying on his own. He doesn't like planes. I thought he was gonna have a stroke when we flew up to PA for Kirabug's wedding and the return trip was worse for him. I'm really nervous about flying on my own tomorrow. I'm an even worse flyer than DH since I'm also afraid of heights. *shudder* Maybe I can sleep on the plane. It's only a 2 hour flight but it leaves atlanta at 8pm tomorrow. It's delta flight number 1676. We'll be returning on Monday on delta flight 1249. This way if there is a plane crash this weekend you guys will know if it's us or not *sarcastic grin here*


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