Tuesday, September 25, 2007

nothing to report

Not much going on here. I went to the gtg on Saturday and had fun talking to everyone.

Still working. Still stitching ... or attempting to stitch. I haven't really been in the mood to do much so I'm mostly vegging on the couch reading and watching TV.

Baby Boy is still kicking strong and often.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

shouldn't have complained

I shouldn't have said anything about Tuesday's being boring because that lead to a very eventful Wednesday. I woke up Wednesday morning feeling like crud so I called work and told them I was feeling really bad and didn't think that I'd be in but I would try to come in later. I was laying in bed and DH was in the shower when my phone rang. It was my mom checking to see why she hadn't heard from me yet. I was in the process of telling that I was sick when pain shot through my upper right side. I quickly explained that I was fine and hung up the phone. I then got DH who had finished his shower and was dressed by then and we took a trip to the ER cause the pain was bad enough to make me cry. At the ER, the got me in pretty quickly for an ER and ordered a bunch of tests. I refused pain killer cause I didn't want to hurt the baby so I endured the blood tests, pelvic, full stomach ultrasound, and chest xray to find that I had a kidney infection. The doc was a little baffled about how I got a kidney infection and showed no signs of a UTI but I just chalk that up to my quirky system.

Today, I'm sitting here at work in pain cause they weren't able to give me a pain killer that was both safe for the baby and that I wasn't allergic to. I do have antibiotics though and will hopefully feel better soon.

Don't let me complain about boring days any more.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Must get sand done

I'm down to a section of sand that's about 15 rows of 50 stitches. I think that I can finish the sand tonight but I will be delayed a bit by the fact that I'm trying to make chocolate covered peanut butter rattles and pacifiers for the gtg of the GSFL on Saturday as a way to announce the upcoming little one to the Georgia group and those take an hour and a half out of my evenings every night all this week so I'm not getting as much stitching time in as I did before I decided to make these things.

Tuesdays are dull

Not much going on today. The boss came in with a bad mood following him but he got better before he left.

I went grocery shopping last night and watched in amusement as my stomach grew as I walked around the store. By the time I made it to the cashier, she thought I was about to give birth in the store and when I woke up this morning my tummy was almost flat again. It cracks me up that the kid refuses to stay either forward or back and decides to move back and forth several times throughout the day. The good news is that DH got to feel the little one move for the first time last night. The little guy was kicking so hard that I think it would have been impossible for DH not to feel it.

Erin: We find out the results of the fair on Thursday night. Valerie's gonna call me on Thursday when she gets to the fair since I can't make it out there during the week. I'm gonna head to the stitch in at Nease's instead on Thursday.

Anne: Fish City is huge. It's 15 pages of pattern and the biggest thing that I have ever cross stitched but it looks so cool! I've been working on it for 3 months now and I'm only a little over half way done. I'm also trying to knit a christening gown as well but that's going even slower cause I'm still a beginning knitter. I'm probably gonna drive myself crazy with all the stuff I want to do before the kid gets here.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Shopping Continued

Well, I've got through round 2 of shopping. I now have plenty of bras to last me. I added 6 more shirts but two of those are ones that I can't wear at work so I'll have to go for at least one more round of shopping before the baby gets here. Have you noticed that everything has bows? Am I supposed to look at my pregnant belly as an unwrapped present? I'm not good with unwrapped presents... I have this uncontrolable need to open presents and I can't unwrap my belly!

I've started a photo album for the little one. It's a really cool album that holds 4x6 photos and has a little section beside each photo where I can write in comments. Since I'm having to have ultrasounds every month right now, I'm getting lots of pictures from that so I've already got 7 pictures in there. I think they have my blood pressure well under control now. It was staying inthe 120's / 70's before the witch quite. When I went to the doctor on the 11th, it was 110/68 so I think I'm doing good now.

Anne: Fish City is a cross stitch that I'm working on. You can see what it will look like finished here: http://www.theangelsnook.com/FISH-CITY--Counted-Cross-Stitch-Pattern_p_91-1487.html

Not much else going on with me. I'm working hard and staying busy. I entered Guardian and Cats in the State Fair. Guadian is going up against Valerie's Sleeping Beauty which covers a larger stitch area so I'm sure that she's gonna beat me in that category but that's okay cause I have fun entering and making sure that there is a dragon or wizard or some other kind of fantasy cross stitch piece in at least 1 category every year. My stubborn streak is probably gonna be the death of me one of these days but I have fun along the way and that's the important part.

For those of you that have had kids... Did you start getting a clear discharge from your breasts like half way through the pregnancy? I'm gonna ask the doc about it at my next appointment on the 20th but I wondered what you guys thought and if it was normal for that to be happening already since the keep telling me that I'm 21 weeks along at this point.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I hate shopping

In the last week, I have had to break down and buy new shoes and maternity shirts since my shoes fell apart (they were 10 years old) and my baggy cloths are not a little tight on my belly.

The shoe shopping was too horrible and I bought a size bigger in case my feet start to swell.

The maternity shopping was aweful. I can't believe the cloths they make for pregnant women. Being pregnant is not an excuse to blind people with my breast headlights even if I have already gained another cup size after only 4 1/2 months of being pregnant! I do not want cloths that are so tight around the top that people look at me and think "Oh hello breasts, are you attached to a person?" and I also don't want tops that are cut so low that I might as well just go topless. After searching for 2 hours, I finally found 3 tops that are okay and even one of those is low cut enough that I'll be wearing a T-shirt under it. I'm gonna try a couple of other places that I found in the yellow pages this weekend.

I also need to go shopping for fishy wallpaper. I want to put of some wallpaper in the baby's room that has fish all over it. That way fish city will fit right in when I finally get it done.

I've been bad with my stitching. I sat down fish city to start stitching Victoria Sampler's Heirloom Anniversary Sampler for my boss. I'm making incredible progress on it after just a couple of days so I may finish it soon and be back to fish city which will be cool. I think I needed a break from the fishies anyway.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The doctor goofed

At my third ultrasound, they told me it was a girl so I picked out girl names. I had my 4th ultrasound today and it went a little like this:

Tech: Oh... It's a boy.
Me: Are you sure?
Tech: Yep, see... here are the boy parts.
Me: Are you sure that's not the umbilical cord?
Tech: yep, the cord is up there.
Me: Oh. Are you sure there is only one baby in there since we thought it was a girl last time?
Tech: Yep, only 1 in there and it's definately a boy.
Me: Oh, okay. Back to the drawing board on names.

Then later in the process.
Tech: Will you stop moving. I just want to get a profile. No don't turn that way. Why won't you sit still for 2 seconds so I can take your picture.
Me: Guess he takes after my side... Photo phobic.

I got a great shot of his scull that looks cool. We also got to see him moving and rubbing/scratching his forehead. Reminded me so much of a move I do when I've become frustrated with someone who isn't listening to me. I feel really sorry for my husband is this little boy has my temperment. That's just asking for many visits to the principals office. :)

Response to comments: Lynne, I will be entering Fish City next year in the fair. I was trying to have it done for this year but it's taking much longer than I thought it would and I only made it halfway. I'm finally halfway on it now so all those white spaces where fish go are now filled in on that side and I'm back to working on a mostly white area again.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Having fun

I spent the whole weekend just vegging out in front of the TV with my cross stitch. I have some fun coming up this week though. I have to drag DH out to a babies r us so we can make a registry cause my mom and dad are insisting that they want to buy stuff. I told them I had some stuff registered on amazon.com but they didn't feel that there was enough stuff on the list.

I also get to go with Val to enter stuff in the State Fair. It's always fun to do that. I'm only entering Guardian in the 14 ct category and Cats in the above 18 ct category. I have a baby blanket done as well for the knitting category but I never place in that category cause I'm just a beginning knitter and the ladies that place have been knitting for a long long time.

I also have to make sure that I'm planted in front of the TV at 9pm on Saturday the 15th for the premier of the new Highlander movie on the Sci-Fi Channel. It's been a while since I've seen Duncan and it will be good to visit an old friend again. I hope this movie is better than the last one though cause I got ticked when Duncan killed Connor. That was so not fair.

I've been watching for upcoming shows for this fall too. I'm trying to find something new to watch cause all the stuff that I used to watch is gone now. So far I've got Reaper, Bionic Woman, and Moonlight on the let's see what these are list. Anyone else have some suggestions?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The doctor wasn't kidding

At 18 weeks pregnant, I asked my doctor about the fact that I wasn't showing at all and up to that point had actually lost 15 pounds. The doctor said it wasn't unusual for larger built women to not show till the 5th or sixth month but she was upset about the continued weight loss. She also said that the baby was taking it's time in moving up off of my bladder (she didn't have to tell me that one cause the potty trips every 2 hours had already clued me in to that) and when the baby moved up, I would see a noticable difference. She really wasn't kidding. Friday---no belly. Saturday -- hello, where did you come from?

The girls did a great job of stuffing me full of food all weekend in Kansas too because I managed to gain 5lbs over the weekend which should make the doctor happy on the next visit on the 11th.

I'm 20 weeks now so I've made it halfway. WooHoo!! I developed high blood pressure the day I became pregnant apparently so they have me on some medication for that and they are watching me really closely for pre-eclampsia which would be very very bad. I've never had even a hint of high blood pressure before so they aren't extremely concerned but I do get to have ultrasounds every month so I get to see lots of the baby. My next one is on the 11th of this month.

Looking at the book I have, the baby's hearing should develop the week of the next get together so she'll get to hear all the girl talk that day.

Not much else going on in my life... oh wait.... there is good news... the evil foreign witch quit! She is no longer working with me! I'm so happy. Work is fun again! It came in at a good time too since she kept telling me that eating chocolate would kill my baby.