Monday, November 28, 2005

I'm in shock

I've avoided blogging or talking to friends since wednesday due to some shocking news.

I'm being sued. For racial prejudice. Me. By my coworker. I'm in total shock and outrage mode. Even after almost a week, I'm still sitting here going HUH? ME? The coworker is actually filing the complaint against the whole office so we are all named. I'm not really allowed to say much about it due to the nature of the complaint but I'm floored. The specific examples that were named didn't have me actually doing things, they were more like so and so did this for me but wouldn't do it for her. I sit back and wonder how that makes me prejudiced. Am I supposed to say, Hey if you do this for me then you have to do it for her too even if I don't know that she's asked?

The most upsetting thing about this is that if she wins, I may lose not only my job but my career cause my license can be taken away. I know that I have not done anything. I have corrected her when I see that she's making a mistake but I've done that to the other people in the office too. If anything, I've been nicer to her than to any of the others cause I knew she was new and just learning everything.

I've let this cloud how I feel since I got the news on Wednesday the 23rd. I'm not sure how to let it go. Most of the time, when I get upset about something I let it go after just a few hours but this one really has me steamed. The more I think about it the more upset that I get.

Mood: shocked, irritated, upset

miles walked in middle earth: 16

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I quit

Dh managed to turn all of my bras grey when he washed them over the weekend. I now need to buy some more white ones or stop wearing white shirts. Since we are trying to save money, I'll probably go with the no white shirts option for now.

Dh did get a big raise which made me very happy. It was the highlight of my weekend.

The job has been insane this week due to people that just don't have a lot of brains. I'm so tired of talking to them. No I can't help you. Would you understand that statement? Would you keep trying to get a quote even though I just told you that I am unable to give you a quote because I am unable to insure you due to your bad driving record? I had a guy on the phone for 45 minutes yesterday insisting that I give him a quote after I told him that he didn't qualify for insurance with our company so I was unable to give him a quote. I finally hung up on the man on the advice of the office manager.... well to be more precise she took the phone away and hung on him for me.

This morning has started off in the same vein. I need to talk to smart people!

I did enjoy Harry Potter very much in the theatre but was very upset with a mistake that was obvious and upsetting for me. I won't go into detail for those of you that haven't seen it yet.

I am doing well on my walking and I have now walked 16miles in middle earth since the beginning of November.

Mood: On the Edge of Exploding.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Finally, I can update

There were like 4 techs that came to our home yesterday to work on our cable. One of them replaced a junction box and another one replaced a cable line and after all of their work, Our cable and internet is FINALLY fixed! Woohoo.

Now as promised.... PICTURES!

Enchanted Mermaid
Tropical Dream
DH's Pumpkin
DH's Pumpkin lit up
DH in costume - There are three pictures of Dh there so each word is a link so I could show off the full effect of the costume.

I'm so happy to have my internet and TV back!

I took my training in Medicare Part D yesterday and passed my certification test already with a 95% - go me! This is a new part of medicare that's going to cover prescriptions only. It sound pretty easy and simple but I won't really know till they send me the application packets and presentations.

Monday, November 14, 2005

comcast is driving me nuts!

We've been without internet at all for almost 3 weeks now at home. There have been 5 people out to look at it. 3 inside techs and 2 outside techs. No one has fixed it yet. We are also now losing TV channels. They just don't come in any more even though we are supposed to get those channels. The inside tech that came in on Sunday at least seemed to know what he was doing. He did a lot more to test things including hooking up his own TV and computer in his truck to our box outside to see if there was a problem between our box and our equipment or a problem with the box or the lines leading to the box. He determined that it was the box and set up another service call with an outside tech to fix the box. ARGH!! I'm seriously debating just canceling it all. Why pay almost $100 bucks a month for cable and internet when you only get 1/4 of your cable channels and no internet!

Saturday was a lot of fun. Angela came over and we went to Nease's and Needlework House and Hobby Lobby. We even had lunch at Longhorn. It was good to visit with her cause I haven't seen her in so long. The cats had a blast too. They love when she comes to visit.

Miles walked in middle earth: 7

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Measles Suck!

I started to feel unwell last Thursday. Friday I almost went home from work cause I was feeling so bad. I took cold medicine all weekend thinking that I must be getting a cold. I woke up Monday morning and I felt even worse so I took the day off work and went to the doctor only to find out that I don't have a cold. I have the measles. This sucks. I have spots EVERYWHERE!

The problem child in the office is now out on medical leave. I thought that my day would be wonderfully simple since she's out now but I've already encountered two problems with customers that problem child helped and did wrong so I've spent the morning so far fixing mistakes which sucks and makes for a long day but at least she isn't here screaming that she didn't do it even though we know she did.

Here's to hoping that the bumps and the problems go away soon.

Miles walked through the shire: 5

Friday, November 04, 2005

Enchanted Mermaid is done!

After 5 days of beading, I've finally got all those little suckers on there! I have taken a pic and hopefully I will be able to upload tonight. The comcast people came out yesterday and told us that our signal was too weak which was causing us to not be able to connect to the internet. They hooked up a signal ampliflier but it still isn't working real well. They are supposed to be working on the outside lines as well to help improve this. I got frustrated last night and didn't get any pics uploaded to webshots but I'll play with it some more tonight and try to get them up so that I can post all the pics tomorrow.

Now off to my next project.... Do you think I can manage to get Guardian and Tradewinds done before they release the new Best of TW book?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Happy Halloween

I'm a bit late but I still hope that all ofyou had a Happy Halloween. Mischief once again had a blast and ran to the door every time she heard the door bell to talk to the trick or treater and give them a proper greeting to go with there candy. She was a bit intimidated by the big group of 12 or more but other than that she did beautifully. Smokey spent the evening hiding under the recliner and Spike was hiding in the covers of the bed but Mischief held center court.

DH won 2nd place in his pumpkin carving contest at work. I have pictures and will post when we fix the computer along with everything else.

I'm now 4 days and 9 meters into beading on Enchanted Mermaid. I think I'm about halfway done now. I've got her chest area done and some of the tail. I still need to do her hair and tail fin. There are way too many beads!

Mood: buried under beads

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I hate computer problems

The halloween party was fun on friday night (the 28th). Dh was a big hit in his costume. I did get a picture of him in costume but out internet has gone on the fritz again so I can't upload the pictures onto the net so that I can post them. I'm blogging from work today.

I also managed to finish Tropical Dream and all the stitching on Enchanted Mermaid but again I'm unable to upload pictures yet but I do have them. I'm doing beading now. I don't think that it will ever end though. I haven't even managed to finish a quarter of the beading yet after 2 days. *shudder* It is looking really pretty though. Lots of sparkle to it.

Not much else going on. Just relaxing. Hope everyone is doing okay.