Thursday, January 26, 2006

Life has exploded

The coworker that is complaining (whom I will now refer to as the witch) did return to work on the 18th acting as if nothing was wrong. I had class from 9-3 on our new auto system so I missed most of that first day and only arrived in the afternoon to deal with her for 2 hours.

The 19th was pretty uneventful. The witch was in training all day and didn't return afterward which didn't hurt my feelings.

The 20th the boss and office manager were in training and the other girl called off so I was left alone all day in the office with the witch. It was a very bad day.

Saturday the 21st was wonderful! I had a great day with all of my stitching friends. We talked, we ate, we played with the animals! So much fun. I didn't get home till around 3am on Sunday morning but it was all worth it!

Sunday I slept in until after noon which is very unusual for me but I had a late night so no problem. We were supposed to go out and look at houses on sunday but we ended up not going cause neither Dh or I felt like it. I think we both had a touch of a cold starting.

Dh woke me up at 2:30am on monday morning to tell me that the hot water heater was gushing water. He turned off the water and the gas going into the hot water heater and we began the futile attempt to call the apartment office to let them know. I called off work and DH went in to work since he could shower in the gym before starting work. We finally got hold of the office at 9am and they said they would send someone right out since it was an emergency situation. I doubted that it would be quick but they surprised me by showing up at 9:30am. They attached the drain hose to the water heater and turned the valve to drain only to have the valve fall off and water again started gushing out of the water heater. I plugged the hole with a plastic back and grabbed my roaster so they could slowly pull the bag out, fill the roaster, put the bag back in and empty the roaster down the sink. It took them about 30 minutes to finish draining the water heater this way. They then detached it and tryed to pull it out of the closet that it was in only to discover that they couldn't get it past the air conditioner and out of the closet. They then cut a big hole in the wall and removed the water heater through that and put the new one in and hooked it up. It's now 1pm by this time. Then the carpet people came in and sucked up all the water and fixed our carpet. Then the dry wall people came in and fixed the whole in the wall. It's now 3:30pm. After he fixed the wall, he told me that they would come in on Tuesday and paint it. Okay.

Tuesday we locked up the cats so they could come in and paint only to come home and find that they hadn't painted. Tuesday we also had the whole office meeting to address the witch's complaints. The meeting started at 1:30 and lasted until a little after 4pm. The witch said a lot of horrible things about me and targeted me the most. She flat out lied about things that I had said and things that she had said. I was in shock because I was told that all of the things she complained about didn't really involve anything that I had done but she came up with a whole lot of crap about me anyway. She started off the meeting saying that she didn't feel our home lives, past experiences, news, or politics should be talked about in the work place. I respondeded with "then what are we supposed to talk about?". After that I got attacked with a slew of verbal garbage! The other girls backed me up. The meeting ended with one girl saying that she would do her best to not yell or lose her temper anymore, the office manager saying that she would try to get in the middle from now on when she saw an issue developing, me saying that I'll keep my mouth shut until I'm sure that what I say is not going to offend someone, and the witch saying that she would continue to be strong and deal with the attitude in the office. I left work so mad that I was pure beet red and felt like there was steam coming off of me. After talking with DH that night, we both decided that after we closed on a house, I would start looking for a new job.

Wednesday morning started with the witch attacking me again. The office manager stepped in and made her back off. Wednesday night as we were sitting here waiting for it to be time for Pilates class, the boss came out to talk to me and the office manager. I had a feeling of dread settle in my stomach thinking that I was going to lose my job due to the episode that morning. Instead I got told that he wanted me to stay and that if it came down to losing me, he would fire the witch. He's gonna make a file of all of her mistakes and start giving her meetings about her mistakes so that he can fire her without being sued over it and he asked me to be patient until he could work up the file. He made me feel a lot better and it was nice to hear that I was a valued member of the office and that he didn't want me to leave.

Today, the office complex called to let us know that they have been unable to paint our wall because they have once again lost the key to our apartment so they haven't been able to get in. So now, DH took his lunch break and went down to the apartment complex so they could make a copy of our key. This is the second time they have lost the keys to our apartment. This is ridiculous. Thank god we are moving out as soon as we can close on a house!

Whew... well that catches everyone up with the chaos that has become my life. Hope everyone is doing well.

Monday, January 16, 2006

sorry to be quite so long

There really hasn't been much going on here. We've been going to work and coming home. We went out and looked at 5 more houses on Sunday but they just weren't what we wanted. One of them might be okay but I'd really like to find something that is more than okay. I think we irritated the real estate agent a little. He commented more than once that I wasn't my usual chipper self and that I seemed much more restrained than normal. All I could think was what did you expect? He showed us a house that he put on the market too and I think our non-interest irritated him a little but it just wasn't what we were looking for even though I'm sure that it was the wonderful value that he said it was.

This coming week should be busy though. I'm at work today while DH is at home with the day off. Tomorrow I have my first dentist appointment since 1/2000. I'm not looking forward to it. Wednesday, I'm in an all day training class on the new auto system we are switching to at work. Thursday is the Stitch & Bitch at Nease's. Friday the office manager is out at training all day. Saturday is the GTG at Cindy's house. I'm looking forward to Saturday.

We also got the bad news that the coworker that filed the discrimation charges against us may actually be coming back to work this week. She's expected in the office on Wednesday as long as her doctor's appointment goes okay on Tuesday. This could make the end of the week very interesting. The other two girls in the office are threatening to quit if she comes back. I can not handle this office on my own. There is just no way.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

we lost the house

The seller decided to work with the other offer.
I guess we get to go through all of this again.
I feel crushed cause I loved this house.
My coworkers are telling me that I'm being stupid and that there are other houses. They don't understand why it hurts me to lose this house.

not so good news

My broker called. There has been another offer on the house that came through just after the one we made. The seller is looking over both offers and is supposed to decide today. That horrible sinking lead feeling in my stomach has gotten much worse.

this is going to kill me

We went in on Tuesday night after work and signed all the offer paperwork. They said they would get back to us on Wednesday but we haven't heard anything. I was on the edge of my seat yesterday with that lead ball of dread slowly forming in my stomach as it got later and later and we still hadn't heard anything. My agent called me at 7:30 last night to let us know that he hadn't heard anything and that he'd left several messages asking the man to call us back.

Last night was torture as I tried to sleep. My husband has taken the stand that as long as they haven't said no then no news is good news. My agent says that he thinks its a matter of the selling agent being a little slack cause it took then a long time to get the disclosure statement to him too.

Now I get to wait through another day waiting for that call. If nothing else, I have learned that I'm not good at waiting once I decide something. I weigh my options, make my decision and then I want things done. I guess this means that I need to learn patience when I have to wait for someone else's decision.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm going crazy

We are going to sign the offer papers tonight at 7pm. It's killing me to sit here at work. We are really busy but time is going so slowly. I'm going to go crazy if time doesn't hurry up. The loan company has said that my loan is secure as long as the house appraises for at least the amount of the loan.

Tomorrow is going to be worse cause I'll be waiting to hear what they think of the offer. At this point I'm just praying that it won't be a no. I want a yes but I can live with a counter offer cause that means that I'm still in the running.

The homeowners insurance was less that I was expecting by almost 300 a year. I may need to get flood insurance though since there is a creek behind the property. Our auto insurance would go down too which is wonderful.

Dh was driving me nuts about making the offer sooner so I put him on the hunt for a refrigerator. That'll keep him busy.

Monday, January 09, 2006

I found it!!

We went looking at homes on Saturday with the realtor and I found my house. I knew from the moment I opened the door that it was meant to be mine. I love it. I now have to wait on baited breath to see if the seller will accept my offer. I don't think it will be a problem since I am willing to pay what they are asking. I'm so excited. I took almost 20 pictures of the house to get all the different rooms. I'm not gonna post them yet cause I might jinx it.

Pray with me guys. Pray that they accept my offer and pray that they do it soon so that I don't have to wait on pins and needles long!

Friday, January 06, 2006

stitching update

It dawned on me as I was reading Valerie's blog and seeing her wonderful progress that I haven't picked up a cross stitch needle in over a month. I got one week of progress in on Guardian and then stopped to finish the Christmas afghans.

While crocheting the Christmas afghans I got bit hard by the crochet but and ended up starting a baby afghan in the hopes that we will start trying to have a baby in 2006 if everything goes well with the house shopping and buying. I think DH broke out in hives at seeing the baby blanket.

I got about 1/4 of the way done with the baby blanket and the knitting needles finally called loud enough that I got out the book and attempted to learn how to knit and purl. I think I've got the hang of it now but I'm still really slow and don't see myself winning contests any time soon but I'm making progress. I'm still too chicken to try the 5 double pointed needles though.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pilates was fun last night. I actually found it very relaxing to do the streches and breathing exercises. I'll definately try it again.

The real estate person called and canceled our appointment for tonight cause he's sick so I won't get to see the houses till saturday. It put a small damper on my week but I'll survive.

Today is my dad's b'day so I guess I'll need to make an appearance at his house tonight to tell him happy b'day and give him his gift. Mom is giving him a surprise party on Saturday so we have to make an appearance at that too.

Not much going on other than that though.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

new template

Glad you guys like it. I think I did it as an accident though. I was looking at new templates and this one the one I liked the most and I was thinking that I needed to make a change since the brown parchment style was a little depressing to me now. I don't remember actually changing it though. :) Guess it was meant to be. I needed a new look for the new year anyway.

Not much going on here. Tonight I'm going to a pilates class. It's worth a try to see if I like it since they offer them in the building where I work.

Tomorrow, we have an appointment to see 8 houses after work. One of which was the house that I really liked and wanted to make an offer on last month but couldn't so I may be making an offer tomorrow. I'm very excited about the tour of the houses tomorrow night. I can hardly wait! I've already given my 30 day notice at the apartment complex and I've called the movers. They are going to charge me $120 an hour for a 4 man moving crew and said it should only take 2-3 hours depending on how long the drive takes to get to the new house. It doesn't sound too bad.

I'm in a very bouncy mood today and I'm having a hard time sitting still at my desk.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

I spent yesterday in the movie theatre. We watched King Kong and Chronicles of Narnia and got to see a very interesting trailer for pirates of the caribean 2. DH had gotten $20 in movie gift certificates from one of his coworkers for his b'day so we decided to use them to ring in the new year.

Today is starting out very wet and rainy but watching the rain gives me something to do while I sit at work by myself. Yep, I'm working today. I'm the only one in the office. I agreed to come in today so that I could have a vacation day before June. I did this because I figured that I would need a day of to handle the closing on the house once we have a house and a closing date and taking a day off without pay in order to sign my life away on a house just wasn't appealing.

One of my coworkers gave me a variety of oolong teas for christmas so I had to go and buy me a tea mug that lets me steep the loose tea leaves. I'm sitting here enjoying a nice cup of Shui Xian. I had forgotten how much I like a cup of tea in the morning. I makes you all nice and warm on a wet rainy day like this.

I am feeling better and I'm much more cheery in the face of the new year that I was in the face of Christmas. Sorry about the last post. I was trying to wait until the feeling went away before making a post but it just wouldn't go away until I wrote it all out and got it out of my system.