Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sorry Guys

The last trimester has arrived and with it returned my energy and will to do something so I've been cleaning the house and getting ready for the arrival of the little one.

I had another ultrasound today where I learned that it is definately a boy no doubt about it. He's between 12-13 inches long so far and a little over 3lbs. He has already turned and his head down and ready to come out. The doc says he may come a little early since he seems to be so eager about getting ready. He said he was in the 45th percentile so I have a completely average baby as far as height and weight. Cool. He wasn't concerned at all about me not gaining a lot of weight. I've actually gained 4lbs now which is about how much the kid and fluid weighs. The new ultrasound doc says weight gain is an individual thing and I have the right body type and hip position to support a pregnacy without gaining extra weight. Cool.

The house is starting to look neat. I had originally planned to wallpaper the bottom of the baby's room with fishy wallpaper but then I found these really cool fish wallies where you would paint the wall and then just stick the fish on the wall like wall stickers. Valerie mentioned wanting to throw me a baby shower and possibly doing it at my house since it's big enough to hold everyone and people could stay as long as they wanted so that they could visit too. I thought maybe I could give everyone a page of the fish wallies and they could just have fun sticking them on the wall randomly. I have to run the idea by DH first though. He'll probably go for it though since it will be less work for us. :)

I have started some beading work as well again. I found some awesome beads to make necklace fobs so I'm probably gonna do a few more of those when the beads come in. I've been doing some beaded banners too which are kind of interesting and fun. It's all Melanie's fault, she brought a bunch of books to the Kansas City trip and let us go through and get what we wanted and now I'm beading with Delicas.

Not much else is going on. My life has become preparing for the little one which is normal I suppose. I'm looking forward to tonight. Halloween is Mischief the cat's favorite night of the year because a whole bunch of people ring the doorbell and give her attention. She has a blast every year and we have a blast watching her run to the door and stand up to try to see who is there every time the bell rings. I swear she meows at and tried to play with every kid that comes to the door.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Life Detoured

Monday the 1st, I ended up in bed all day with what I thought was a migraine. Tuesday was spent in a similar fashion. Wednesday, I got up to go to work and almost passed out. I believe the only thing that stopped me from passing out was concentrating on the nausea that rolled through me. We called the OBG and she set an appointment for noon but told me to go to the hospital if anything else happened. Lo and Behold, a half hour later a nosebleed started and off to the ER we went. They rushed me right in and I ended up spending the rest of Wednesday and most of Thursday in the hospital with the diagnosis of dehydration. The good part of this was that they kept the baby on a monitor and his reading were all strong and he showed his persistent stubborness by constantly kicking the monitor to dislodge it as much as possible. Spent the rest of that week home in bed and the following Monday and Tuesday as well. Wednesday, I went in to the OBG again for the normal check up and she couldn't find a reason for the dizziness and nausea that were persisting so then I went to see my general practitioner and he found that the bones in my middle ear had gotten stuck together and he gave me some medicine to try and help with that.

I finally made it back to work this monday after two weeks off. Needless to say, work was not happy but I'm surviving. I spend a lot of time being tired though and my appetite is very sketchy. The doc is back to reprimanding me for the fact that I weigh the same now as I did the day she told me I was pregnant. I keep arguing that the kid still weighs less than a pound so me not gaining weight yet can't be that bad of a thing. She disagrees since I'm only a week and a half away from the 3rd trimester. I figure I'll gain weight when the little guy lets me eat and worse case scenerio, I'll end up weighing less that I did to start after I have the baby... That can't be a bad thing since I was a little overweight to start. I really don't feel 215lbs is a bad weight at this point. I had dropped down to 205 so she should be happy that I'm back to the 215!

I've been stitching away on Fish City. I have the buildings and fish done on half of it and I'm almost 1/2 way with the buildings on the second half so I'm making great progress. I've also been doing some peyote stitch beading and I've managed to finish a little dragon banner. If I ever get up the energy one evening to get the camera out, I have a lot of stuff that I need to take pictures of so that I can update my webshots album.

I also need to get off my bum this weekend and get the baby's room cleared out and buy the paint and wallpaper for in it so that I can actually paint and wallpaper one weekend.

*sigh* anyone got some energy they can give me?