Wednesday, March 26, 2008

sleeping through the night

The little guy may actually be getting ready to sleep through the night finally. He didn't wake me up until 5:30 this morning which is 2 hours later than usual but only 1 hour before I normally have to get up so by the time I finished feeding him, it was time for me to get up and get ready for work so I got up early this morning.

Work is finally starting to settle down a bit. Would you expect an insurance company to give you $3000 to replace a tv that only costs $1200? I realize that the person paid $3000 for the tv 4 years ago but plasma tv's just don't cost that much anymore.

Valerie dear... you have forgotten about your blog!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

webshots update

I've updated my webshots album here:
Image hosted by
by vjinton

I've added a album for the beading that I've been doing which include those banners out of the Far Away Places Book that Medieval Needle gave me. They turned out great and I'm really happy with them. You can clearly see that The Dragon was the first one that I tried since I didn't get the top of it as tight as I should have but I fixed that problem since then.

I put a few new pictures of Riley in there too.

tornados suck

I used to think that tornados were an awesome act of mother nature and were pretty cool. After dealing with claims for the last 3 days, I'm sick of the word tornado. They are still awesome acts of mother nature but I'm not sure that I consider them all that cool anymore. I've lived through several tornados being from Texas. I've even been in a car that was picked up by a tornado when I was a child but this is the first time that I've been on the insurance side of one and I don't like it at all.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I had to put away all the 0-3 months cloths last weekend. He's not wearing 3-6 month cloths a little early. I guess I should have figured that he would grow faster than average since I did too. I wonder if he'll hit 5 feet tall by 5th grade like I did.

Do you any of you guys know where I can go to look up if adding a little bit of baby cereal to his nighttime bottle would hurt him at this point? the 6oz bottles aren't completely satisfying him. I remember my mom starting to feed my brother whole milk and mashed potatoes when he was 3 months old but I don't want to do that to my little one. I rather transition from formula to cereal to baby food and then to people food.

I need to update my weshots album again. I've finished My own happy ending from dragon dreams, the anniversary sampler from victoria sampler, and happy new year from calico crossroads. I've also finished some beaded banners that came out of a book that Medieval Needle gave me. I've managed to finish 3 of them and I need to start a folder for beading I guess since I've been doing more of it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Say What?

At Riley's last check up, the doctor commented to DH that Riley should be eating every 4-5hrs now instead of every 3-4hrs. He then proceeded to tell Justin that we should make him wait for his bottle at least 4 hours so that he would start to go longer between feedings. This baffled me. I've never heard of making a baby wait for food. I refuse to listen to my child cry cause he's hungry or dirty. I can easily fix both of these issues and I'm going to. I started giving the little guy 5oz per bottle instead of 4oz and sure enough he now goes 4 hours between feedings. Problem solved.

The doc was happy with his grown and the strength in his arms and legs though so he looks great even if he wants to eat all the time.

Have you guys ever heard of making a baby wait for food? This is nuts right?

Thursday, March 06, 2008


It's a little scary how fast I fall into routines. My days have become very very routine. Monday through Friday:
3am - get up to feed and change kid
3:45am - go back to sleep
6:30am - wake up, shower & dress
7:00am - make up bottles for day care
7:10am - feed and change kid
7:30am - wake up DH, leave the house to take kid to day care and go to work
9:00am - 5pm Work
5:45pm - pick kid up from day care
6:00pm - get home, wash bottles from day care, feed and change kid
7pm - cook supper and eat
8pm - 9pm - take an hour to myself while DH feeds and changes kid (this is usually spent stitching or beading)
9pm - do dishes and go to bed
DH feeds and changes the kid again around midnight and then he comes to bed

Saturday and Sundays are a little more varied but they revolved around Riley's eating schedule. I can almost tell you exactly what I'm doing during the week though if you give me a time. The girls at daycare say that I should be very happy that Riley has fallen into such a predictable pattern but it seems like such a boring pattern right now.

Riley got his first shots on 3/4. He did really well and only cried while they were holding him down and sticking him. He's now 21inches long and weighs 10lbs 4oz. The little guy tagged on the weight once he decided he liked formula. He even managed to not lose any weight while he had the flu.