Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday again

I had a boring day at work today. I knew it was going to be boring since most people had the day off though. I even slept in since I knew that I'd have good traffic.
I've decided to put the beading off till this weekend cause by the time that I get all the beading stuff out and arranged... I don't have time to bead through the week.
Smokey is now occupying my stitching chair in true stretched out how on earth did you get into that position cat style so the stitching is probably out for tonight cause he just looks too cute to move him.

Kirabug... Any time you want a stitched piece you just let me know what you want and I'll get right to work on it. You and Steen actually have the only two Paula Vaughn's that I've ever stitched and those were both challenging pieces so you gotta know that I love you both to give you those kind of things... so what do you want... a dragon... a mermaid... a saying... one of your comic strips turned into a cross stitch to combine both of our talents?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Feeling better

I dropped a frying pan on my foot. That's how I shattered the bone. It was only the small bone at the top of the toe though so no it doesn't flop around but you can squash the tip of my toe easily now. Kirabug, you're comment made me think of big floppy elephant ears and it gave me a good laugh.

My craft mood has rturned with some prompting. I got a new Model stitching job in the mail yesterday and started stitching it since it has a deadline cause it's being released at the Nashville show next month. I managed to finish it tonight and it jump started my need to create so I'm back to stitching and beading. I've had an order come in for necklace fobs from a needlework store that saw the pics on my webshot album so now I need to get busy beading again too.

*hugs* to everyone!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Too Quiet

I've been very quiet lately. I've not been doing much other than working and job hunting. I've been in a stitching funk although I did manage to finally put in the last of the backstitch on guardian. I just haven't been in the mood to create anything as of late. I know I'll get back into the mood eventually though. I've been reading and watching movies and being a bum instead.

I've managed to shatter one of the bones in my foot. luckily it was a toe bone so no cast was needed but my toe hurts! The doc cut it open and took out the bone fragments. Silly me said "I don't think I need those pain killers. I'm sure advil will take care of any residual pain" NOT!!! Boy was I wrong. Advil does dull it enough to tolerate it though... speaking of which... I think it's time for some more so I'm off to find the advil bottle.

Take care and I hope the rest of you are having a better start to the new year.