Friday, October 29, 2004

Neverending Thursday

Yesterday was horrid. Dh woke me up very early to tell me that his car wouldn't start. We got the car to the shop and borrowed a car so DH could go to work and I went on my way to work.

I left work at 10:15 to go to my doc appt. I sat in the waiting room from 10:45 until 11:15 of course and then went through a very long questioning from the doc. I went to the doc cause I'm unable to sleep properly (I'm getting about 4hours of sleep instead of the 9 I need every night). The doc after taking an intense interview and doing some bloodwork told me that he thinks that the inability to sleep is coming from slight depression and gave me an anti-depressant. I couldn't believe he thought that I was depressed but I took the pill last night anyway and slept like a baby so maybe he was right and I just hadn't realized it.

I left the doc's office and went to DH's office so I could take him to lunch. We had a nice lunch at Steak n shake (hmmmm chocolate banana milk shakes) and then I took him back to work and headed back to my office.

I got back to work to find that the power had been off almost the entire time that I had been gone which meant that we couldn't use the computers, fax or phones. There were a ton a messages from where people had come into the office and we couldn't help them so I spent the afternoon doing that.

At 5pm, I called DH and reminded him that he needed to get the shop to pick up the car before they closed and he informed me that he was stuck late cause he had just been called in and told that tomorrow was his last day. This isn't really a bad thing since they are going to pay him for the remaining week of his notice even though he doesn't have to work it and the new job wants him to go ahead and start monday instead of the week after too but it upset DH cause he isn't going to have time to say bye to everyone and finish training his replacement.

I went to the shop and paid for the car and waited for DH so I could give him the keys. We went home only to go right back out to look for a costume for me to go to the halloween party with him friday night. I hadn't bought one yet cause I hadn't planned to go but he really wanted me to go so I caved and we went costume shopping. The only thing that I could find in my size was a Juliet costume so that's what I'll be.

We then ended up eating at Ihop for supper and going home and falling into bed.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

wednesday again

I have a doc appointment tomorrow. I'm not really looking forward to it but I know I need the checkup. I have aweful pms which is very unusual for me. I didn't get it before going on the pill or while on the pill. I'm hoping this is a one time thing while my body gets used to regulating itself again but I guess the doc will tell.

I'm working on Dream Sampler from dragon dreams for my current cross stitch project. I was struggling away with butterfly stitches and rhodes heart stitches last night thinking that I'd never get them done. When they were finally done though I looked at it and realized that I'm already half way done after only 4 days so that was pretty cool. Tonight will be the fan stitches and the rice stitches.

My Dh is going to a halloween party given by one of his coworkers tonight. I won't be going though cause the party lasts until the wee hours of the morning and I can't stay as long as he wants to and still function at work tomorrow. This will give me a night alone to do whatever I want. This hasn't happened in so long that I have no clue what I'm going to do. I'll probably be very boring and sit and stitch all night :)

Monday, October 25, 2004

Spike the wonder cat

This happened a few days ago but I wanted to share since something the little squeaker did tonight reminded me of it.

As some of you know, My mom's cat Gizmo stayed with us for a long time. Gizmo had the bad habit of dragging cloths out of the bedroom and depositing them all over the house. Mom told me that she did this so when we came home every evening to find cloths all over the house, we assumed she was the culprit. Well she's been gone almost a month now thanks to the wonderful Valerie, who gave her a new home that she loves, and I'm still find cloths (my sweatpants to be exact) in the hallway and living room. We didn't know which of the three amigos was doing it though. My first suspect was mischief cause she truly lives up to her name. I was laying in bed reading one night when I hear Spike cry. I called out to him and he only cried louder so I sat up in bed. And lo and behold right before my eyes is little Spike straddling my black sweatpants and holding on to them with his mouth while he tries to drag them into the hallway. He was crying because they kept getting stuck as he would step on them with one paw or another. I cried out "Spike stop that right now". He immediately unlocked the sweatpants from his mouth and looked at me with this "what did I do" expression. I told him that he was a bad kitty and to leave the sweatpants alone. He looked at me for a while longer, then down at the pants, then into the hallway and finally back to me. He then proceeded to slowly lower his head with his mouth open back to the pants. I called his name in slowly in warning. He stopped looked at me at the corner of his eye and let a whine almost as if he was say please or why not?. I told him no and he walked out of the room hanging his head down as he walked.

Spike now knows that he can't drag the cloths in front of me but I'm still coming home at night to find my cloths in the hall and living room.

what part of no don't you understand

Throughout highschool, I didn't date. This was due in part to lack of interest and in part to lack of opportunity since I was never asked out. In college I was asked out by a couple of guys that just didn't interest me and ended up asking out the man that is now my DH. I don't have low self-esteem. I see myself as I am. I'm not ugly but I'm not drop dead gorgeous either. I know that if I wanted to take off 40lbs and actually style my hair and wear make-up, I could attract a lot more attention but I don't want that kind of attention.

Since moving here to Georgia, I get asked out a lot. It is flattering to have guys ask me to dinner or tell me that I'm pretty and most of them back down after a simply "Thank you but no". Since I work for an insurance company, I don't like to give out personal information about myself to the customers but I am at times forced to. I had a man today, whom we shall call Clueless. I gave him a quote for auto insurance and he was a very happy camper. I was able to give him a quote for the same coverage he had at half the rate he was paying. This man then asked me to go to dinner to celebrate with him. I told him thanks for asking but I had plans. He then persisted in trying to get me to go do dinner with him another night and again I said no thank you. He continued to persist. He finally asked me point blank what I could be doing at night that was more important than going out to dinner with him and I replied "Cooking dinner for my husband". He then insisted that I could not be married. I showed him my wedding rings and then he replied that I must have married young and he would be a much better match for me. I ended up having to pull out my driver's license to show him that I was 28 years old and not 21 as he believed. I told him that I was very flattered that a 23year old young man thought that I was so young but I was happily married and that wouldn't be changing anytime soon since we still feel like newlyweds after 5 years.

I ended up leaving the confrontation feeling flattered and creaped out at the same time. I'm really not looking forward to him coming back to make his monthly payments!


I had a rough weekend due to post surgery recouperating blues. The doctors warned me that it will take 6 months to a year to get back to where I was before surgery. I don't think I really understood until this weekend though.

They told me that I'm only allowed to lift 10lbs right now. I didn't realize just how little amount of weight this really was. I thought I would be able to do a load of laundry or vaccuum and do light housework. My husband put a load of laundry in the basket and then on the bathroom scales and sure enough, it weighs more than 10lbs so I can't do that. he then put the vaccuum cleaner on the scales and again it weighs more than 10lbs. I reached down to pick up one of my 3 kittens so I could pet them for comfort only to be reminded that they weigh over 10lbs too. I'm allowed to add 5lbs a month to what I lift so at least I will be able to pick up my kittens again next month.

They told me that I would be able to walk an 1/8 of a mile to a 1/4 of a mile. A trip to the mall made me realize just how short that distance was when we parked, walked into the mall and I had to stop to catch my breath in the food court before continuing on to the stores. I'm allowed to add distance as I can take it with this but it was depressing to realize just how little I could do.

They told me I would have some memory problems due to the drugs they gave me during and after surgery. This hit home when I got up from the couch and started walking toward the kitchen only to stop half way there because I couldn't remember why I had gotten up. I also noticed the difference in my stitching. Before I could remeber large section of the pattern so I didn't have to stop stitching as often. Now I have to keep the pattern in sight at all times because I'm having to look at it all the time.

I came into work feeling pretty grouchy and crummy. I read the bboards and saw two stories in particular that made me realize just how lucky I am. I survived my surgery. I'm having a chance to recover. I didn't have cancer. I have my family with me. I feel safe and loved. I have a job that is being very flexible about what I can and can't do and when I have to have off. My husband just got a new job with a great pay raise. Even with the loss of money due to time of work, we paid all our bills. I have great friends that visited me and continue to keep track of me and make sure I don't need anything.

After thinking about all of this, I have nothing to complain about but I have a lot to give thanks for so thank you to everyone out there that cares. My prayers and thoughts go out to those of you that are having problems no matter how small or how big.

Friday, October 22, 2004

He's taking the job!

This is an exciting day for me. My wonderful husband J, just called to let me know that he had been offered a job doing the exact same thing he does now with an $8,000 a year raise and better health insurance and he accepted it! His new job starts Nov 8th.

I'm so excited for him. The extra money will help a lot after my surgery. The new job also confirms that we will definately be staying here in Georgia for at least one more year and possibly two more.

I also put in the last few stitches on No Late Knight Snacking from Dragon Dreams so today is going to be a good day even if I do get idiots at work all day today.