Friday, October 29, 2004

Neverending Thursday

Yesterday was horrid. Dh woke me up very early to tell me that his car wouldn't start. We got the car to the shop and borrowed a car so DH could go to work and I went on my way to work.

I left work at 10:15 to go to my doc appt. I sat in the waiting room from 10:45 until 11:15 of course and then went through a very long questioning from the doc. I went to the doc cause I'm unable to sleep properly (I'm getting about 4hours of sleep instead of the 9 I need every night). The doc after taking an intense interview and doing some bloodwork told me that he thinks that the inability to sleep is coming from slight depression and gave me an anti-depressant. I couldn't believe he thought that I was depressed but I took the pill last night anyway and slept like a baby so maybe he was right and I just hadn't realized it.

I left the doc's office and went to DH's office so I could take him to lunch. We had a nice lunch at Steak n shake (hmmmm chocolate banana milk shakes) and then I took him back to work and headed back to my office.

I got back to work to find that the power had been off almost the entire time that I had been gone which meant that we couldn't use the computers, fax or phones. There were a ton a messages from where people had come into the office and we couldn't help them so I spent the afternoon doing that.

At 5pm, I called DH and reminded him that he needed to get the shop to pick up the car before they closed and he informed me that he was stuck late cause he had just been called in and told that tomorrow was his last day. This isn't really a bad thing since they are going to pay him for the remaining week of his notice even though he doesn't have to work it and the new job wants him to go ahead and start monday instead of the week after too but it upset DH cause he isn't going to have time to say bye to everyone and finish training his replacement.

I went to the shop and paid for the car and waited for DH so I could give him the keys. We went home only to go right back out to look for a costume for me to go to the halloween party with him friday night. I hadn't bought one yet cause I hadn't planned to go but he really wanted me to go so I caved and we went costume shopping. The only thing that I could find in my size was a Juliet costume so that's what I'll be.

We then ended up eating at Ihop for supper and going home and falling into bed.


Blogger Erin said...

{{{{{hugs}}}}} What a rotten day! Don't overdo it at the party, if you can help it. Heck, take a nap in a back room of need be while you're there. But do try to have fun. I'm sure you'll make a *lovely* Juliet! :)

11:29 AM  

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