Monday, October 25, 2004

what part of no don't you understand

Throughout highschool, I didn't date. This was due in part to lack of interest and in part to lack of opportunity since I was never asked out. In college I was asked out by a couple of guys that just didn't interest me and ended up asking out the man that is now my DH. I don't have low self-esteem. I see myself as I am. I'm not ugly but I'm not drop dead gorgeous either. I know that if I wanted to take off 40lbs and actually style my hair and wear make-up, I could attract a lot more attention but I don't want that kind of attention.

Since moving here to Georgia, I get asked out a lot. It is flattering to have guys ask me to dinner or tell me that I'm pretty and most of them back down after a simply "Thank you but no". Since I work for an insurance company, I don't like to give out personal information about myself to the customers but I am at times forced to. I had a man today, whom we shall call Clueless. I gave him a quote for auto insurance and he was a very happy camper. I was able to give him a quote for the same coverage he had at half the rate he was paying. This man then asked me to go to dinner to celebrate with him. I told him thanks for asking but I had plans. He then persisted in trying to get me to go do dinner with him another night and again I said no thank you. He continued to persist. He finally asked me point blank what I could be doing at night that was more important than going out to dinner with him and I replied "Cooking dinner for my husband". He then insisted that I could not be married. I showed him my wedding rings and then he replied that I must have married young and he would be a much better match for me. I ended up having to pull out my driver's license to show him that I was 28 years old and not 21 as he believed. I told him that I was very flattered that a 23year old young man thought that I was so young but I was happily married and that wouldn't be changing anytime soon since we still feel like newlyweds after 5 years.

I ended up leaving the confrontation feeling flattered and creaped out at the same time. I'm really not looking forward to him coming back to make his monthly payments!


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