Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fair Report

The fair results are in. You can see all of the things that I entered into the fair here:

I took 1st place in the Christmas Cross Stitch, 1st place in the Other Cross Stitch Category and 2nd place in the 19ct and up Cross Stitch Category. I also entered pieces in the Crochet Baby Afghan Category, the Woodworking category, and the 14ct and below Cross Stitch Category.

For those of you that haven't heard about the Fair Revenge yet.... here we go.
Last year I entered "Merry Christmyth" in the Christmas Cross stitch Category and it took 2nd place. When we went to pick up my piece at the end of the fair, we had a really hard time finding it. When we asked for help, we were told that it was moved to keep it safe. While looking at the winners list, we discovered that my piece name had been circled and "Jesus Loves You" had been written in beside it. It turns out that my piece was moved because someone found it offensive that I entered fantasy subjects in the Christmas Category. When I realized this, I was determined to make sure I would enter a fantasy piece this year. This produced the idea and finished work of Christmas Dreams which to my delight took 1st place this year. I'll have to start plotting and planning for next year now.... Dragon Dreams is working on a Santa's Dragon Design... and TW Designworks does have a gorgeous stocking as well. :)

The piece that I entered in the 19ct and up category was stitched in a round robin with grvlgal and will now go to live with Stacey Tippin (the designer) after it comes home from the fair. Stacey was thrilled that we had not only stitched the piece but that we were going to give it to her. She'll finally have one of her completed designs to put on her wall! Love you Stacey!

Friday, September 22, 2006

I'm really not dead

We've been banned from internet usage at work so I've not had time to blog. I used to blog from work but that has now ended for a while. Once I get home, I'm just too tired and sick of the computer to sit down and type some more.

I have been busy. I've been organizing my craft room. Bought a dining room table so we have a place to sit and eat now if we want to. I've been cooking up a storm in preperation for all the people coming over to my place tomorrow. I'm excited about seeing everyone and showing the house off a little bit.

I entered 6 pieces into the North Georgia State Fair. I took 2 first place ribbons and 1 second place ribbon and had 3 pieces that didn't place. My fair revenge piece that took on the name "Christmas Dreams" took a 1st place ribbon. The other first place ribbon was from TW's Tropical Dream and the second place ribbon was from a joint effort with Valerie but the name of the piece will have to remain quite until after tomorrow so that we can surprise a mutual friend.