Monday, November 14, 2005

comcast is driving me nuts!

We've been without internet at all for almost 3 weeks now at home. There have been 5 people out to look at it. 3 inside techs and 2 outside techs. No one has fixed it yet. We are also now losing TV channels. They just don't come in any more even though we are supposed to get those channels. The inside tech that came in on Sunday at least seemed to know what he was doing. He did a lot more to test things including hooking up his own TV and computer in his truck to our box outside to see if there was a problem between our box and our equipment or a problem with the box or the lines leading to the box. He determined that it was the box and set up another service call with an outside tech to fix the box. ARGH!! I'm seriously debating just canceling it all. Why pay almost $100 bucks a month for cable and internet when you only get 1/4 of your cable channels and no internet!

Saturday was a lot of fun. Angela came over and we went to Nease's and Needlework House and Hobby Lobby. We even had lunch at Longhorn. It was good to visit with her cause I haven't seen her in so long. The cats had a blast too. They love when she comes to visit.

Miles walked in middle earth: 7


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