Friday, October 21, 2005

S&B fun

I went to the S&B last night. I had lots of fun and got to know a few people a little better. I finally made it home around 9:30pm but I didn't mind cause I had fun.

I'm heading to Jana's tonight to go to a football game with her. Dh is gonna stay home so I'll have some more girl time which is nice.

On Saturday, we're gonna head to musuem replicas early in the morning and then when we get home I'm gonna head out to Nease's to do some work on the fabric area and Dh is gonna head to the pervert's to help him move again. This is the 4th time in less than 4 years that we've helped this man move and it's a monumental chore every time. He's gotten it into his head that I can't lift anything so he was going to have me babysit his out of control child while they moved everything *shudder*. I'm so glad Nease's needed me this weekend!

Sunday will hopefully be relaxing while we do up all of our laundry but you never know.


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