Tuesday, October 11, 2005

turn around tuesday

My moodiness of yesterday is gone. I got quite a bit done on the skin of my Enchanted Mermaid last night. I also got the baking bug and made two pumpkin pies, one of which I brought to work this morning to share with the office.

On the way in to work this morning, Dh looked up and said "Jeez honey, look at that. That even beats you!". The that I was supposed to look like was a woman standing on the corner of the road knitting while she waited for the bus. He couldn't believe someone would stand on the corner and knit in the middle of buckhead. I told it was a good way to pass time till the bus got there. *shrug*

What is with all the blog spam lately? Most of my comments for the last couple of weeks have been spam when I hardly ever got spam before.

Princess, good to see you blogging again! Loved the stitching update.


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