Thursday, September 29, 2005

Come on Weekend!

This week has been dragging away. I know it's only taking forever because I want the weekend to come.

Dh made me watch Donnie Darko last night. Very strange movie. It did keep me guessing on what was going on and I was quite surprised by the ending. I wouldn't watch it again but it was worth seeing once. You can thank Erin for the little paragragh since I just finished reading her movie reviews and it prompted me to write a little more about the movie. We're gonna watch Shaolin Soccer tonight.

I've been stitching away as always. I've finished Crabapple Dragon. I finished it on 9/23/05 and mailed it off on Monday. Norwood's has already gotten it and is very happy with it which makes me happy. I told myself to go back to Enchanted Mermaid since I finished all the models that I currently have but I ended up starting Tropical Dream instead. I can't work on it anymore right now though cause I don't have the Kreinik Ombre or the Caron Watercolour. I have them on order and will have to wait until they come in to finish it. I guess I'll go back to Enchanted Mermaid now.

I can't wait to head to the GTG on Saturday and see everyone. I'm also looking forward to going to the fair on Sunday.


Anonymous Jenna said...

Beautiful work, Ginny! I'm especially impressed with your progress on Tropical Dream already. It's so pretty. Oh and congrats on your model arriving quickly at Norwood's. I'm sure it's a relief that they have it and are happy with your work. :)

5:42 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

Oooo, people are quoting me now. Does that mean I'm famous? LOL

3:51 PM  

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