Monday, August 22, 2005

Vacation is over.

Let's see...
Friday 8/12
We were finishing up the packing in hopes of getting to bed early. We should have known that this wouldn't happen. The window on the Honda broke so DH wrestled with it for quite a while and I finished packing the suitcases. We finally went to bed around midnight.

Saturday 8/13
We got up at 5:30AM. First stop was to the shop to drop off the Honda so that they could fix the window while we were gone. Then we hit the road and started the drive. We pulled into Hughesville around 8:30PM and visited with Gram for an hour. We then headed to Williamsport to find a hotel only to find that it was little league playoffs and almost all of the hotels were full. We did finally find a room though.

Sunday 8/14
We arrived early at Gram's house to help her cook Sunday dinner. The rest of the family arrived around Noon. We had lunch and started to help clean up only to be dragged off to Aunt Net's (mom's twin sister) house across the street for a tour. Then back to Gram's where we spent the afternoon playing Dominoes with Gram, Aunt Net, Aunt Diana and cousin Michelle. I really only wanted to visit with Gram but seeing everyone else was nice. We left Hughesville around 9pm and then headed toward Philly. We stopped for the night around 10pm in the Poconos.

Monday 8/15
Got up around 7:30AM and finished the drive to the in-laws. We didn't actually get there till around Noon. We sat and talked for quite a while and I had a drink while I was there. When FIL got home around 4pm, we went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant. After dinner, we stopped at a gas station to get some gas and to get antacids cause my DH let me know after dinner that MIL had not washed her hands before putting the ice in my drink. This wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't watched the dog lick all over her and jump all over her and the dog threw up too and she cleaned that up as well. Knowing that, it made me sick to think that I drank that.

Tuesday 8/16
We started the day off shopping for presents for Michael (DH's best friend from high school). We spent all day with him. We ended the evening with watching Sky High at the theatre. I really enjoyed this movie and would recommend you seeing it. It was a lot of fun and reminded me of the shows that I used to watch as a kid.

Wednesday 8/17
The day started off with shopping again but this time it was comic stores for DH and craft stores for me. Michael went along with us so he could spend some more time with DH. After the shopping, we headed toward Mike and Steen's house. We got there a little later than anticipated because we forgot about rush hour traffic. Once Mike got home, Steen started to fix dinner only to discover that she didn't have enough gas in the grill for barbeque chicken so we went out to dinner at Applebee's instead. After dinner we visited for a while and watched some TV and then went to sleep.

Thursday 8/18
We slept in till 10am. This was wonderful. Since all our friends were at work, we went off to explore comic shops and craft stores again. My stomach started to hurt though so DH took me back to the house and I visited with the dogs all afternoon while he continued with his comic shopping. He got lost twice and frustrated himself. I had a relaxing afternoon with some of the best behaved dogs I have ever seen. That night Anne & Nathanial and Brian joined us at Mike and Steen's for dinner and we had a wonderful time talking and catching up and then playing a card game that I can't remember the name of but I loved playing just for the confusing nature that kept you laughing. We stayed up till around Midnight and then everyone wandered home and we went to sleep.

Friday 8/19
We got up around 8am and visited for a while again. Anne then came over and the 5 of us headed over to a place called the works which was a big arcade like place. We had lots of fun walking around and playing games. Around 3PM we left and headed for Nashville for CATS (cross stitch show). We drove till 3AM and then finally gave in and stopped for the night.

Saturday 8/20
We got up at 7:30AM with only 4 hours sleep and hit the road again. We finally pulled into Nashville around 1PM but since we crossed a time zone it was only Noon on Nashville time. I went to the stitching lounge and met a few people. Then I went to lunch with 3 fellow stitchers and had a good afternoon. I then went back to the lounge and talked some more and then off to the stitching mart where I enjoyed looking at all the finished pieces and all the hand dyed fabric and floss. I was very good and spent less than $100 which for those of you who know me was VERY good. I then went back to the lounge and hung out and showed off some of my finished pieces. DH was wandering around Nashville exploring while I was with my stitching friends. He met back up with me to go to the group dinner at 7:30Pm though. We then headed back to the stitcher's lounge for more show and tell and talking. We finally went up to bed around 2am.

Sunday 8/21
Dh and I went back through the shopper's mart and made a wish list of stuff that I wanted. After that, we went back to the lounge and visited until around 2pm. We then went back to the mart to see if we had won any of the door prizes and I ended up picking up a beaded bracelet kit so that I could learn a beading technique that would be good for beaded necklaces that would attach to the scissor fobs for easy access. We then headed home. We got home around 8pm and called everyone to let them know we were home. We spent lots of time petting and reasuring the cats who were a little upset about not seeing us for 7 days.

Monday 8/22
I'm not at work. I didn't have anythign on my desk when I walked in. It was wonderful. This is the first time in 7 years that I've gone on vacation and not had a phone call from the office. It's also the first time that I didn't come back to a large stack of work that other people couldn't figure out how to do. I love the fact that when I walked in this morning all I had to do was answer phones. It was wonderful. Now to go catch up on everyone else's blogs that I haven't read since the 12th.


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The card game was called Fluxx :) It was wonderful seeing you -- hopefully we'll come down to visit you sometime!

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