Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Catch Up

Gosh. I've been so busy that I haven't had time to blog in a couple of days.

Saturday was spent stitching most of the day. I also worried. I actually worried all last week that I might be pregnant cause of a late period. I went to start laundry and found that the laundry detergent had leaked out all over the pantry and I spent a good 2 hours cleaning up that mess and washing off the can goods.

Sunday morning, I finally gave in and did a pregnancy test. The test was negative so that eased my mind a bit and I went back to my stitching. Sunday evening my period hit with the vengence of a tornado but I knew for sure then that I wasn't pregnant.

Monday, I had a very busy day at work and then I went in to meet with the manager of my apartment complex. Friday when we got home there was a note on our door that they had inspected the apartment and found 2 broken blinds and that we would be fined $100 if we didn't resolve the issue within 24 hours. I looked all over and didn't find any new broken blinds. We did have 1 broken one but it was broken when we moved in. While meeting with the manager I read her the riot act. The blind they were trying to fine us for breaking had been broken when we moved in and she could look in the records and see that. My fridge was still leaking and had been for months so now the kitchen floor was starting to bow. My bathroom light was still shocking me every time I turned it on and off even though they had attempted to fix it 3 times. My oven knob still didn't work right after 2 years. My air conditioner runs all the time but the temp in my house never goes below 80 despite multiple attempts to fix it. I was sick of reporting problems over and over and over and nothing gets fixed. She walked down to the apartment with me and I complained the whole way. She went through the apartment with me and made notes as we went through it and as she left, she promised to get everything fixed right away. I had my doubts. I didn't really stitch monday cause I was too aggravated.

Tuesday was another busy day at work. I thought of going to the doctor after work cause my sinuses are completely full again. I ended up not going though and we headed home. We had locked the cats up in the bedroom on the off chance that maintenance really would show up. When we got home, I noted that the blinds in the living room were down so I new someone had been in the apartment cause we always leave the blinds up so the cats won't hurt them. After inspecting the apartment I discovered that they had fixed the blinds and the bathroom light switch. They had looked at the air conditioner and refrigerator. They put a new light in the fridge and left my salad sitting out on the stove instead of putting it back in the fridge but at least I knew that they had been there. I called the manager and asked her what the status was and she said they were able to fix everything but the fridge and air conditioner but they had ordered the parts to fix those and would come back out as soon as they got those parts. Maybe my tirade finally got some action from the apartments.

I've also started looking into getting a house. I've applied for pre-qualification through a lender and I'm waiting to hear from them. I've got a realtor looking at places for me too but he told me that I really shouldn't try to go out and look at actual houses until October so that I'll be able to put a bid on whatever I want since most people want to close within 30-60 days of accepting a bid. We will definately be moving in January. I just can't stand that apartment complex anymore. I think both DH and I have given up on the idea of moving out of Georgia. The jobs and money are here for us and we've slowly built up a base of friends here. We miss the friends in PA too but money is kind of the ruling factor in our lives.


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Good for you in finally getting your apartment complex to start fixing things. Best of luck for applying for that loan!

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