Tuesday, July 12, 2005

today is much better

Sorry about the spaz yesterday.

I'm fine. The car has about $100 damage on it so it isn't bad at all. The car I hit is somewhere around $300 to 500 in damage so it was a small accident even if it did frustrate me.

My sister in law called last night to invite me to the wedding. My brother didn't even want to talk to me but I made him. I let him know that I already had plans but could cancel if he really wanted me to and he told me not to worry about it. Now I just have to convince Mom that it's really okay for me to go to Nashville CATS instead of to my brother's wedding ceremony.

In the frustration of yesterday, I forgot to say what a wonderful weekend that I had. I was wonderful to visit with friends and take time for just me. Valerie got some good pics of Kirstin's new kitten trying to help me stitch. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with friends and relaxing all weekend. I think I've finally got the stitching but back for good now too.

I'm also excited about the new car I'm getting. It's a 98 Honda Civic with a sunroof. Dad is fixing it right now. He bought it wrecked and is repairing it. It will be good to have a Honda back again. I love Honda's. I wanted a honda when we bought the Nissan but just couldn't afford it. It will also be nice to have 2 cars again so we can stop carpooling. carpooling is good in theory but when you have stuff to do by a certain time and can't make it cause your picking up a spouse, it's a real pain in the rump!

Thanks for the kind thoughts everyone. I'm doing much better today and I'm much calmer.


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