Friday, June 24, 2005

City Life

There are many things that I love about living in the city. There is easy access to every kinda store out there. There are always people to watch and things to do. For the most part, I really enjoy living in the city over the country and Lord knows I spent most of my early years out in the middle of nowhere Texas. Thursday I was reminded of one of bad things about living in the city.

I stayed home from work Thursday do to a nasty cold and infected sinuses that I'm now on antibiotics for. Dh came home and being the wonderful husband that he is, made me some soup, did some laundry, and he did the dishes too. As I was getting ready to go to bed, I heard some loud popping and started to work my way to the window to see what idiot was popping off firecrackers in the parking lot. That's when I heard the unpleasant noise of a bullet hitting the outside of my bedroom wall. Dh had also looked out the window from the living room and he actually saw the guy firing the gun at a red pick-up truck. The guy fired 7 or 8 times and he and the 3 people with him ran off. We called the police. Before the police got here, the owner of the red truck came out and took off. The police picked up the shell casings and took a look at the outside of my apartment and made sure that none of the bullets penetrated the wall. They said that they'd keep a lookout for the guys and for the truck and then they left.

Needless to say, I had a restless night. I stayed home again today cause I couldn't talk. Dh stayed home with me to take care of me and so I wouldn't be alone after the exciting night. I went to the doctor today too cause I was worried that I had strep and didn't want to give that to anyone. The doc said it was sinusitis though and that I wasn't contagious.

The little widget decided to move up her feeding schedule today. While I was home sick, I decided to let her out all day since she's using the litter box well. I left the cage open so she could get in to her food. She saw the adult cats eating the hard food though so she planted herself in the middle of their food bowl and tried to eat. She stayed there until she managed it too. I put out some hard kitten food and she is now determined that she doesn't need that wimpy soft food anymore. This is good news for me cause it means she can be let lose all the time in the house, I don't have to mix that smelly wet food anymore, and she is now adoptable to a home. Know anyone who wants a cat?

Well, I'm off to get a good nights sleep. Take care.


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