Thursday, June 02, 2005

The best laid plans get killed by Mischief the cat

Friday was a very boring and a little sad for me. It was my last day at a job that I had been at for over 6 years. I had several people come in and say goodbye and they were really sad that I was leaving but there wasn't much that I could do about it. When I arrived in the office at 8am, the computers and file cabinets had already been packed up. The only thing left in the office were the phones and two desks that weren't going to the new office. It looked like a ghost office. I had to sit there with nothing to do all day. At 9:30, my new boss came in to pick up the desk he had bought for me and he left so by 10am it was just me a desk and a phone. At 1pm, the old boss called and told me how to get the phone forwarded to the new office so the phone stopped ringing after that too. I knew they were going to be moving everything on Friday so I had brought a book and some yarn to crochet with. I finished my book and almost 2 squares on the afghan.

Saturday, we got up early to go to the bookstore and to a couple of other places. As we were leaving Mischief made a bid for escape and went out the door. She ran up the outside stairs on our building so Dh went up one side and I started up the other side just in time to see her jump from the second story stairs onto the concrete below (about a 12ft jump). I ran down the stairs after her and when I was 2 steps from the bottom my knee locked and I fell down the rest of the stairs. Dh continued after Mischief and by the time I was able to stand up, he had caught her. We took her back in the house and looked her over and discovered that she had hurt one of her paws but it looked like she had only skinned one of the pads a little and she wasn't favoring it so we thought she would be fine. We then had to doctor me up. Both of my knees were horribly skinned as was my left elbow. We got me bandaged up and went about our errands. On our next to last errand, I was having a very hard time walking. When I went in to the bathroom I noticed that my right knee had a huge baseball size lump in it and was bruised from about 1in above my knee all they way down below my knee. I told DH and we stopped at walmart and bought some of those one time use ice packs to help with the swelling and went on our way to the last errand.

Sunday morning, I couldn't walk. I spent the day in the recliner with ice packs on my knee at regular intervals. I also ended up taking a painkiller that I had left over from my surgery cause the pain was so bad. I started to consider going to the hospital in fear that I had broken something.

Monday we had planned to go back to the ren fair but I still wasn't walking very well. The icing from the day before had helped a lot though and all the swelling was gone but the nasty bruising remained so we stayed home. I crocheted a little more and I even managed to start enchanted mermaid. While playing with Mischief, Dh noticed that the pad she had scraped was bleeding badly. Our regular vet was closed, so we put a bandage on her paw and drove to petsmart. I had been advised not to go the vets in petsmart but they were the only ones open in a nearby radius so that's where we went. they took her in, the vet looked at her foot and watched her walk. he said that he didn't think it was broken and then he gave her a pain killer and gave it 20 minutes to take effect. he then came back in and held her down while his assitant shaved her paw. He let go for a moment to get a better hold cause Mischief had been fighting like crazy. As he let go, Mischief started an all out assault on anyone who got near her whild screaching like only a cat with siamese blood in her can do. The vet never could get another hold on her so we left with some antibiotic and instructions to put the antibiotic on her 3 times a day and too keep her paw bandaged for several days. The long and short of it is that I paid $120 bucks to have my cat's leg shaved on the underneath and to get a very pissed off cat. Needless to say, we will never go back to that vet.

Tuesday, I got up early and took DH in to work and then went into my new office to get my desk set up. I got to meet the other girls in the office too and I was very happy to see they all look like very pleasant people. It's going to be stranged working in an office with 4 other girls. The jobs that I've worked in, it was usually just me or me and one other girl. I hope that I like the new job and I'm a little nervous about starting on Monday of next week.

Wednesday, we slept in late and then went out to lunch with my mom. I thankfully had stopped limping by then. Justin didn't feel like doing anything after lunch so we came back home and relaxed again all day. I managed to read 2 more books and work on Justin's gemstone dragon for the ren fair money purse that I'm making him.

And now it's Thursday morning already and I haven't really done anything on my vacation. I never went to the doc since we were able to get the swelling under control on my knees. Mischief's vet visit canceled our plans to go to Savannah today and tomorrow. I may try to talk Dh into going to Norwood's tomorrow just so I can get out of the house. We are now planning to go the ren fair this saturday. Today however is probably going to be spent in the recliner stitching.

Hope everyone else is having a good week.


Blogger Erin said...

Sweetie, that's terrible! I sure hope you're feeling better by now, and that Mischief is recovering well. How's the new job going? {{{hugs}}}

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