Thursday, May 26, 2005

I've been too busy

5/15 - Went to the ren fair with mom. We had a great time and got to see lots more shows. Mom loved her little July dragon.

5/16 - Very hectic day at work. I spent most of the time at my desk on the phone with my shoes kicked off under my desk cause my feet were so swollen from walking around the fair all day Sunday.

5/17 - Another hectic day at work and I gave in to the 63 square crochet along on The Wagon.

5/18-5/19 - I spend these two days printing, folding, stuffing and stamping 2100 letters for work to let everyone we insure know that the office was moving. My hands hurt so bad that I didn't manage to stitch or crochet

5/20 - I caught up on all the paperwork that had been put in the background so that I could send out all the letters from the previous two days.

5/21 - I went to the get-together at stitchingmom's house. I had debated whether I wanted to go or not cause I really wasn't in the best mood from a rough week at work but in the end I did go. I was very surprised when I showed up after 1pm to discover that only one other person was there. The gtg started at noon so I was expecting more people to be there by the time I dragged myself there. I was a little shocked. I stayed for a while thinking more people would show up. Pat left after a hour or so. I ended up not leaving until around 10pm. No one else ever showed up. I felt really bad for Cindy after seeing all the trouble she had gone through and how much food she had ready. I did get to know her a lot better though.

5/22 - I gave up and slept till noon which is something that I haven't done since college. I was just worn out. DH was a wonderful husband and did all the laundry on Saturday while I was at the gtg so I didn't have to worry about any of that. I also gave up and started crocheting a new afghan cause I loved the feel of the yarn so much.

5/23 - this was another very busy day at work. I cleaned out my coworkers desk since she's not coming back either. When I got home, I went back to the crocheting and managed to finish a whole skein of yarn into the afghan.

5/24 - This wasn't too bad of a day. I finished cleaning up and packing most of the front office at work. I only have a few supplies left at my desk and I need those things to make it through the rest of this week. When I got home, I proceeded to crochet again and made it through 3/4 of another skein of yarn.

5/25 - I had a very dull day at work. I somehow managed to injure myself in my sleep the night before. I was getting shooting pain through my right shoulder anytime I move my right arm or shoulder or twist at the waist so I didn't do a lot of moving around. We took Spike to the vet for a recheck cause he hurt his ear. I also managed to get another skien into my afghan which means that I'm 2/3 of the way done.


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