Monday, May 02, 2005

stupid firewall

Sorry to have dropped off for a while. Work put up a new firewall that stops me from accessing blogger or any of the blogs on blogger while at work. Argh. I now have to make time at home to write in the blog and read the blogs and I also have to find something else to keep me busy while waiting for the endless boring hours of work to be over.

Not much going on really. Our sunburns are now faded and the peeling is almost over (Thank God). I realized that I didn't get cleaning instructions on the outfit that I bought from the ren fair and now have no idea how to clean my dress and corset without ruining it. DOH!

Deepest Love is all stitched and I'll be working on and hopefully finishing the beading tonight (woohoo!)

I picked up a book on learning how to knit and one on learning how to crochet and I'm going to attempt to teach myself. I even picked up the 63 square afghan pattern. Maybe I'll actually do it.

Hope everyone is well. *HUGS*


Blogger Erin said...

I wondered where you had run off to. LOL Glad to hear you're almost done "molting." A lot of the reason I avoid the sun as much as I do is because I *hate* peeling! Can't wait to see your finished mermaid, should I ever again make it to a GTG. And I'm sure Val knows how to clean your dress. {{{hugs}}}

11:08 PM  
Blogger kirabug said...

90% of the ren faire outfits in the world can be safely washed on the cold/handwash setting on your washing machine with Woolite, then laid flat to dry. :) Most of the stuff Nighthawk and I have can be washed on the cold/delicate cycle, in fact - but the stuff with lace and the bodice I always run on hand wash.

If you can't blog on your blog, can you at least visit my forum? I could set you up a forum/blog spot if you wanted :)

2:00 PM  

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