Thursday, April 14, 2005

10pm adventures

For months, my oldest boy, Smokey, goes over to the door at 10pm and asks to go outside. We started taking him for his walks at this time cause that's when he loves to be out. After a couple of walks, we noticed that there was always a little black cat out at that time too. Smokey was fascinated by the little black and tried to approach the cat every time he was out but the little one ran off whenever we got close. We jokes that Smokey had found himself a little girlfriend (he's fixed so he couldn't do anything).

We stopped taking them for walks after Mischief's great escape a month or two ago but Smokey has continued to go to the door at 10pm every night. Last night we decided to take pity on him so we took him and Mischief for a walk. I really didn't expect to see the cat. Smokey was calmly sniffing some bushes as he loves to do and then his head darted up and he tried to run to the dumpster. I wouldn't let him go to the dumpster. I kept him about 15 feet away from it cause I didn't want him getting near the gross stuff. I tried to pull him away but he wouldn't budge. Then I noticed some movement. The little black kitten was slowly working it's way toward Smokey. It actually came right up to him this time and they sniffed each other, then layed down facing each other and were completely content.

I slowly worked my way over to them and the little black let me pet it. It even let me lift its tail so that I could see it was a boy. He was obviously a tame and well fed kitty so I guess his owners live in our apartment complex and let him roam. I guess he was just shy of strangers at first but really missed seeing Smokey.

I think it's so nice to see Smokey make a new friend.


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