Monday, April 11, 2005

wonderfully relaxing weekend

This weekend was the first weekend in almost 2 months where DH and I had absolutely no plans. It was so nice. I spent most of the weekend in my PJ's curled up on the couch stitching and watching movies.

DH has finally sucked me into comic books and I ended up buying $30.00 in comics for me this weekend. DH spent quite a bit more at the comic convention on Sunday but he found several things that he'd been looking for for over a year so he was very excited.

I spent the weekend working on "Deepest Love". I've already managed to finish 2 colors and get over halfway done on a 3rd color. This beatiful mermaid is stitching up much faster than I thought. I'm not gonna take a WIP pic until Friday though so I can show a whole weeks progress when I do (I may have the tail done by then).

We turned dad down about the car and thankfully didn't have to deal with too much rebound about it (I have a wonderful mom for cooling dad off so much). After turning down the car, we looked at our schedule this week and then second guessed ourselves. DH has to be at work early on Tuesday and Friday this week for training and I have to drop DH off at work on Wednesday so that I can have the car to go to my Ethics class so that means another really early morning. Oh well, who needs sleep.

I filled my prescription for the mini-pill and took my first pill. Then I started reading through the bill long paperwork that comes with it only to read that if you have liver tumors, you shouldn't take this medication. Well I HAD liver tumors but they are gone now. The worry prompted a call to the doc this morning and she says that I should be fine since my liver shows no sign of tumors or stress but if I start to have problems again, to stop taking the pill right away. OH BOY! You can bet I'll be watching my tummy like a hawk for a while!


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