Wednesday, April 06, 2005

the bad always comes after the good

I was so excited about my wonderful news on Monday only to come crashing down on Tuesday.

The first bad news was that DH had fallen and his left foot was really badly bruised on Tuesday morning. We thought it was broken but thankfully the exrays show there is no break so he should be fine in a week or two once the bruising goes away.

The second bad news came when I tried to order an IUD only to discover that our insurance does not cover birth control at all. I can't afford to pay $500 right now so the iud is out. We are gonna give the mini-pill a try. Dh has promised to set an alarm even on the weekends to remind me to take it at the same time every day so that it will be effective. I was looking forward to the iud so that I wouldn't have to remember to take the stupid pill but oh well. Life goes on. Both problems solved for now.

I'm still plugging away on Griffin Kitten. I'm getting a little irritated that it has slowed down so much as I work on the half stitches. I worked for 3 hours last night and it doesn't seem like I've gotten anything done on it. *sigh* I really want to finish it this week so I can start on Deepest Love. I'm in the mood to work on a mermaid not a griffin.

I now have to plod through a very boring day at work as it's not even 11am yet and I've run out of things to do so I have to pretend to be busy till 5pm when I get to leave. I hate days like this. I much prefer the mad rush that makes the day fly by.

*HUGS* for everyone.


Blogger Erin said...

They won't cover your IUD? That stinks!! I'm so sorry. Hope your hubby's foot feels better soon!

12:59 AM  

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