Monday, March 28, 2005

The ordeal is finally drawing to an end

I made it through all 4 doctor visits this week. I'm so glad that they are over.
I'm now waiting on the phone calls to tell me that I am healthy and fine. I've convinced myself that I have to be healthy and fine since I feel better now than I have in almost 5 years and now I'm just waiting on the doctors to confirm it.

The ct scan prep was a bit of an ordeal and I really wish doctors would take the words "I'm gonna be sick" a little more seriously but the scan is over and I'm feeling better today.

Saturday was pretty much shot by the scan. I spent 9:30 to 2pm drinking the garbage and then getting the scan as we found new and interesting ways into the hospital since the entrance was blocked by what looked like an mri machine that had gotten stuck as the people were trying to bring it into the hospital. Thankfully they had it moved by the time we were done with my scan. We went to lunch at TGIF afterward and the food helped settle my tummy quite a bit. Then off to my parents for a quick visit and to let DH show Dad how to attach documents to email. Then home for some rest. I took a nap then we watched a couple of movies.

Sunday, my tummy was still a little off so I spent most of the day in the recliner watching movies and stitching while Dh was a darling and did the laundry. I did manage to cook a roast for supper though so I felt like I accomplished something. I now have a little over 30 hours into Griffin Kitten and I'm almost finished with the 4 major (more than 1 skien used) colors. I did however get the unfortunate news that Susan (owner of Norwoods) is closed for the next week due to the death of her mother. I'm very sorry for her loss and for Erin's loss of her furbaby. I guess you really do get sentimental later in life because I have found myself crying for both losses even though I only met Susan's mother once and I never met Erin's furbaby.

Hugs for everyone and I hope that everyone is safe and loved always.


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