Wednesday, March 16, 2005

waning wednesday

We watched "Mona Lisa's Smile" last night. Despite my best efforts I still ended up crying at the end. I hate this time of the month cause I end up crying at commercials for crying out loud! I did enjoy the movie though and I am very glad that I didn't live in those times.

Had another physical therapy appointment this morning. All the pain in my leg and back is finally gone. I just have a residual funny feeling in my leg but it isn't painful. I have another appointment on the 25th to determine if my back is healed enough to let me do the excersizes all by myself or not. I really hope they'll let me go cause I'm tired of getting up so early, having that workout, and then going to work right after. I end up feeling dirty all day.

I got one color of knotwork done on each of the bookmarks so just three more colors to go and then the wonderful backstitch that I dread with a vengance. I'm very excited about going to Norwood's on Saturday and finding out what pattern she wants me to stitch next. The bookmarks will have to go on the back burner but I don't mind that. I also like the fact that I'll be able to show pictures of the stuff that I stitch for Norwood's since they are already released designs.


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