Friday, March 04, 2005

I think I jinxed myself

I posted yesterday that this week should be really nice. I should know better than to say things like that by now.

Around 10pm last night, DH rolled backward in his chair to pet a cat and we heard an aweful crunch sound. Turns out the sound was one of the legs of my stitching stand breaking in half. I was heartbroken. Dh took some wood glue and tried to glue it back together. I guess we'll see if that worked tonight.

Mischief I guess decided to lighten up the night for us around 11pm by being her typical curious self and getting into the binders where I keep my cross stitch patterns as you can see by these pics:

uh oh

gotta hide

safe now

Then this morning dawned very early. My regular physical therapist wasn't there. The guy that took care of me today was a jerk. He'd show me an exercise and tell me to do x many and then leave the room! He didn't even stay and watch to make sure I was doing them right. Instead of helping me stretch like the other guy, this one gave me a sheet and showed me how to do it myself and then left while I did those stretches. Out of the hour that I was there, I saw the guy maybe 15 minutes. I left irritated and wondering exactly what I was paying for when I could have done all that home! In fact I have been doing all that at home with more help from my DH than from this therapist.

This is not a great start to a boss free period!


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