Friday, February 04, 2005

Sleep... Sleep is my precious!

Well... I'm may be rambling a bit here but at least I'm somewhat aware that I'm able to ramble :)

I was up for quite a bit Tuesday Night since Justin was sick as I wrote before. Well, it was even worse Wednesday night so after work on Wednesday, I took him to the hospital cause he sounded AWEFUL. After sitting in the ER half the night, We found out that he was dehydrated and has severe Bronchitis.

I'm sitting at work fighting to stay awake. I'm muching on gummy worms and bears and drinking coke trying to stay awake. So much sugar. I've had about 10 hours sleep over the last 3 nights. If I can manage to stay awake another hour, I will have made it through work and then I'll only have cat adoptions and I'm free to fall into a coma for at least 12 hours.

Poor DH is on so much medicine. They gave him vicodin cause his chest is hurting to much. They gave him fenegrin for the nasea and an antibiotic that has to be the biggest pill I've ever seen and those of you that know me realize just how big this pill has to be! There's also a liquid medication that goes into the humidifier to be dispersed into the air and smells funny.

He gave me a call about 2:30pm to let me know that he had woken up and he does sound a little better so I guess the meds are working.

Don't worry if you don't hear from me this weekend cause I'll be sleeping. I love my bed. ahhh...... bed....


Blogger kirabug said...

Hey, tell DH that Nighthawk and I hope he feels better... and get some sleep both of ya's. Been there, done that, it's no fun, but we're definitely thinking about you both....

the bug

6:20 PM  

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