Thursday, January 27, 2005


I've come to discover that I think Thursday is my least favorite day of the week. There is not a lot that goes on on these days.

Mondays are busy so they go fast.
Tuesdays, I play catch up with the stuff I didn't get done Monday so it goes quickly. Wednesdays, I know my week is half over and that I've made it through the rough half of the week.
Fridays are the end of the work week and tend to be busy doing the end of the week mailings and things like that so they go fast too.
Saturdays are spent stitching in between loads of laundry and doing any shopping that we want to do.
Sundays are usually restful, lazy days in the house doing whatever I want to do.

But Thursdays... hmm... just not a lot going on. This Thursday is taking forever cause I know it's only 2 days till I get to see everyone from the TWBB. Plus I know that I have to clean when I go home. I must finish picking up the living room. I also have insisted that we scrub the bathroom and DH will probably due this for me since I don't have aiming issues.


Blogger Valerie (grvlgal) said...

Heehee, DH's job is cleaning the bathroom too. I told him that since I'm not the person shedding a ton of back hair all over the floor, I shouldn't be the one who has to clean it up. He gets credit for cleaning the floors every week, although I do have to remind him to clean the floor BEHIND the toilet as well (outta sight, outta mind).

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