Tuesday, January 18, 2005

It wasn't broken so why did you have to fix it?

Well, I'm about 2 hours into work and I'm ready to kill the people that design our work systems. They implemented a new system today called ABS. It was supposed to "simplify" our work. This is ridiculous. It took me 45 minutes to do an application this morning that would have only taken me 15 before on the old system. I can see that they are trying to integrate everything into a web based system but they are making it horribly complicated.

The boss is already cursing. I have people from other offices calling me instead of tech support because tech support is telling them that it's working in our office and that I'm trasmitting everything properly so the system is obviously working so the people are calling me to see how I'm doing it. The first question I ask is: Did you do the training? If they haven't, I just email them a link to the online training and tell them to do the training and call me if they still have questions. I don't understand why people aren't doing the training. We've known for 2 months that this new system was coming and that it was going to change the way we did EVERYTHING.

The boss is one of the people that refused to take the training. He says he'll shoot me if I get sick since I'm the only one in the office that can use the new system. I'm slowly showing him how but it's just a matter of repition and time before he learns it. He has all his other friends calling me and getting advice on how to use this system. I should be charging a $25 an hour consulting fee! He is so lucky that I haven't already found a new job! All of this new junk almost makes me wish that I had though just so that I don't have to teach everyone who was too lazy to go through the training on their own.

Well, I guess that's my rant for the day.


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