Tuesday, January 11, 2005

what a week!

On 1/5, I got a call letting me know that a friend G was very sick. She asked me if I would go to Petsmart and run her cat adoption center for that night. I went home, picked up DH and we ate at Taco Bell and then headed over to Petsmart. The place was a madhouse! I ended up approving 2 adoptions and those kitties now have happy new homes. I also ended up declining a few people. I know from my job at State Farm that people can be VERY nasty when you tell them no but there was a girl there that just would not leave it be. She actually reported me to Petsmart as being prejudiced and that was why I wouldn't let her have the cat. I actually declined her because she had answered that she intended to declaw the cat and the non-profit organization will not allow that. You even sign a form saying that you will not de-claw and that you face a $1500 fine for doing so. Petsmart stood behind me and the girl finally left. By the time we got home, we fell into bed and had a horrible time getting up on Thursday.

Thursday was pretty uneventful. Nothing really happened.

Friday, G called again and asked if I could attend to the adoptions (they occur 3 times a week on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday) again. So off to petsmart we went. I had a couple of people that came by to play with the cats but not any interested adopters so we cleaned up and took two of the cats home with us and sent the other 10 home with G's husband. When we got home, I set the carrier down in the bedroom and let my cats approach it at will like I always do. I expected Mischief to throw a fit Friday night like she always does with a new animal. The boys (Smokey & Spike) usually love new animals and want to follow them around all day. I got a shock when as my cats approached the carrier, one of the fosters let a growl worthy of any large dog which set my 3 off into hissing fits. We ended up deciding to keep the 2 fosters in the bedroom with us and close the door so that our 3 couldn't get into the bedroom, which is normal proceedure for the first night anyway.

In the past, we've been able to let the fosters out on Saturday since my 3 have gotten used to them over night through the smells from the underside of the door. Saturday morning dawned and I got up and went out of the bedroom to find my 3 sitting at the door waiting to attack. They started hissing as soon as I opened the door. The poor fosters were trapped in the bedroom all day Saturday cause not one of my 3 would be nice and I didn't want to chance the little ones getting hurt.

I got a call Saturday morning that G was in the hospital and they were very worried. They finally called me back with news late that evening and let me know that her potasium levels had dropped to a critical level and her electrolytes were completely depleted so they giving both of those things to her through IV and thought she would be fine.

Sunday afternoon, I was finally able to let the fosters roam free for about an hour before we had to take them back to the adoption center. When we got to the adoption center, we started to set up and G's husband came in just as we were finishing. He let us know that they released G from the hospital but wanted to see her again to check on her heart.

I called G when we got home and she said she was feeling a lot better and would see me on 1/12 at the adoption center. She doesn't know it yet, but I've developed a new filing system for her because hers was completely disorgainized and I couldn't find anything! She's often complained about her own system and said that she needs to find an easy to see and manage system. I made one. I'm gonna take it to her on Wednesday and hopefully it will really cut down on the time that she spends filling out paperwork at the adoption center.

Monday at work went by in a hurry because we were very busy and the boss wasn't around very much since his oldest daughter had baby #6 over the weekend. She had a little boy that weighed in at a little under 11 lbs. This makes grandchild #14 for the boss. The sad thing is that the boss' youngest son hasn't started a family yet and that the 14 grandkids come from only 3 of the boss' kids. I marvel at their ability to go through pregnancy that many times and to keep up with that many kids at once. The oldest girl homeschools her children which now total 6. I have no idea how she does it.

Monday night, I was in the mood to see a movie so we went to Hollywood video and ended up joining their new MVP program. I can rent as many movies as I want from the MVP list for 9.99 a month for the first 3 months and then the price goes to 14.99. I told DH the program was well worth it considering that we like to watch movies so much and as long I we got more than 3 a month, we were paying for the membership since the movie rental is up to 3.50 a movie now! He of course took that for a reason to rent 3 on Monday :)

I think he plans to rent as many as we can watch each month and to steadily go through the older movies until we've seen everything that they have so if you guys have any recommendations, please let me know. We ended up renting Honey, Ella Enchanted and some other movie that was very hard to follow starring Jim Carey. I almost lost it when DH picked up a movie with Jim Carey in it cause he extremely dislikes his acting style. The movie was very strange and made me think very hard. I couldn't stitch while watching it cause I had to pay such close attention to follow the plot. We also watched Honey. I wanted to see this cause it starred Jessica Alba and I love how she portrayed Max in the TV series Dark Angel. She played the role well and it was neat to see her Hip Hop dancing instead of leaping building and fighting. I liked the movie but DH scoffed at it.

We have yet to watch Ella Enchanted. It ended up being put in the cart because it was playing on the TV at Hollywood and caught our interest.

Work is slow today. I'm very tired after staying up so late last night watching movies. I need to rest tonight though since I'll have another long day tomorrow as I go the adoption center again and I'll have an early morning on Thursday to go and get my PAP that I should have had in September. I've also made an appointment in March to have another CT and possible MRI done to see if everything has healed to the doc's satisfaction.

I've also started trying to plan for the GTG on 1/29. I'm so excited!


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