Monday, November 15, 2004

Plans? Why do I have plans?

My lazy weekend of stitching got shot to heck.

Dad called friday to let me know that he had caught my cousin smoking crack in his home so he threw him out. The cousin left easily enough but he left his 15 year old daughter here. We ended up buying her a plane ticket back to Texas so she could go and live with her grandma.

I spent the rest of friday night finishing Guide the hands and I started Orgainzed/lazy people.

I got up early on Saturday morning to help Dad take J to the airport. We left my house around 10am and took a 40min train ride to the airport (and yes, I did bring stitching). We got her checked in and a boarding pass and we got passes so we could wait with her till she got on the plane. We went through security only to find that we had been selected for the extra security screening since her ticket was one way. We went back through that which took 30 minutes while they looked through all of our belongings, wanded us and then did a security pat down wherever the wand went off. my stomach set the wand off so I guess I've got some kinda metal in there from the surgery. Poor J was wearing an underwire bra and I thought she was going to die of embarassement when the guy felt around in that area and I felt for her whent hey made me lift my shirt to show my scar since my stomach was setting off the stupid thing.

She boarded the flight around 1pm and we headed back to marta for another 40 minute train ride. When I got home, DH said that we had no food in the house and needed to go grocery shopping so off we went.

When we got home from that and had the groceries put away, the phone rang. It was DH's friend M who wanted us to come over and watch Smallville since we missed it Wednesday night. So off to his house we went. We ended up going to dinner with M and his new girlfriend B and then watching Smallville and some strange movie. We finally got home around 1am and fell into bed.

Woke up early on sunday and started to stitching only to have 2 cats crawl into my lap and sit there. After examining the cats because these are the two that will not sit in my lap willingly, I discovered that they both had colds. Dh got up around noon and he was sick as well. I did manage to finish organized/lazy people in between doctoring DH and the kitties. Around 5pm the third cat starting showing signs of being sick as well. Around 8:30pm, I realized that I was exhausted and went to bed.

When I woke up this morning, I discovered that I had caught the cold too.

My relaxing weekend turned into a lot of running. It makes me wonder why I bother to make plans when they are always being changed. I will make it to the GTG this weekend though. I don't care if the house burns down, I will go to the GTG!


Blogger Valerie (grvlgal) said...

Well, good grief ! ! ! That was an eventful weekend! Look at it this way - all the drama is now out of the way so there won't be anything keeping you from the GTG this weekend!


9:47 PM  

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