Friday, November 12, 2004

Boring Day Blahs

I've had a couple of days here where I'm just bored out of my mind! Work has been so slow that I only have about 30 mintues of work to do each 8 hour day. I get away with stitching when the boss is out but not when he's here so the days can get very long.

I have managed to finish Dream Sampler (DD) and I have started Guide the Hands (DD) and almost have it finished too. I only have two colors left so I'll be working away at that tonight and hopefully get it finished up. I'll be starting Organized People from Calico Crossroads next and it should be a very quick stitch so I may manage to get that finished too before the get together on the 20th. Then I'm off to another big project but I haven't decided between Millenium (TW) or Titania (Mirabella).

I'm already getting very excited about the stitching get together next weekend. DH keeps asking me what I'm making for this one and I keep telling him that I don't know yet cause no one has suggested anything yet.

DH has been amazed at the amount of stitching that I have gotten done lately. Since I had surgery on Sept 20th, I have managed to finish almost 4 projects. I have a lazy weekend planned for stitching and reading this weekend so who knows what else I will finish.


Blogger Erin said...

He just wants to know what kind of cookies you're making for him, I mean us. :p Make whatever you like! It's always yummy. I think I'll be bringing Rice Krispy Treats again (homemade, of course). Can't wait to see you on Saturday!

4:47 PM  

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