Monday, November 01, 2004

Halloween Mischief

I had a very wonderful weekend.

The party Friday night was a lot of fun. We stayed till around 1am when the host disappeared with a female guest and some of the others started to talk about smoking something other than cigarettes but the party was a lot of fun until then.

We spent Saturday sleeping in and resting.

Sunday started with cloths shopping for DH's new job on monday and then home to do the laundry so he could wear the new cloths.

Around 7pm, our doorbell started to ring with trick or treaters and didn't stop till a little after 10pm. This was kinda surprising because last year we only got two rings! We had at least 50 kids this year.

The fun part about sunday night however was not the kids in costume. It was my darling little Mischief. I guess I should have figured that she would enjoy Halloween night more than anyone since she truly believes in living up to her name. When the doorbell rang the first time, she ran to the door in hopes of escaping when we opened it like she usually tried to do but she got a rude surprise when the door was instantly filled with three little girls in fairy costumes that shouted "trick or treat". Mischief drew back in shock and then started to sniff as the little girls started to ooh and ahh and completely forget about the candy that they had come for. Mischief jumped into the box right by the door where we keep the leashes and proceeded to pose for the little girls and when they got close enough she would stick her head out for a rub or a lick depending on the little girl. The girls left, I closed the door and went back to my stitching, while mischief sat by the door with a look of "why did they go that was fun".

The doorbell rang again and Mischief meowed excitedly until I opened the door only to be greated by a pirate boy whom Mischief loved and promptly sat on her hind legs to fence with the young boy. After a few minutes of fencing she sat back down and meowed until he stuck his hand out and rubbed her. He then left giggling and telling his mom how wonderful the brown cat was.

The next 3 hours proceeded like this. The door would ring, Mischief would hold court while I put forgotten candy into bags and then we would close the door and wait for the door to ring again.

My favorite performance of the night was the woman who had the small baby dressed up in a lamb outfit. the little one had to be 6-9 months old cause he wasn't that big. She crouched down so the baby could see Mischief. The baby held out his hand and Mischief promptly gave him a lick on his palm. The baby squealed with laughter and curled his hand back to his body. He waited a few moments and stuck his hand out again and recieved another lick, he laughed again and got a happy meow out of Mischief. His mom thanked us for our patience and I thanked her for the entertainment.

At about 10:30, when the doorbell hadn't rang for about half an hour, Mischief started to cry and then she went to the windows looking for more trick or treaters only to find none. She finally laid down in the box by the door and fell asleep with hopes of more door bells.

Dh and I had a ball watching our little girl. We take her for walks and if she meets someone else while out on a walk, she tries to bite them when they try to pet her. She has even earned the name of devil cat at petsmart and the vet. However, if you dress up in costume and ring our door bell, she apparently falls in love.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend!


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