Friday, December 10, 2004

the sun will come out tomorrow... or today

Well, I'm enjoying the wonderful weather we have to day that feels more like spring than winter. My poor DH has been praying daily for snow while I've been dreading the snow. I love the winter and the cooler weather but boy to I hate the workload that comes from all the snow related accidents.

I'm feeling much better today. I was actually able to eat something and keep it down today which was the first time since sunday night so I guess I'm well on the road to recovery.

I've been very lazy about stitching and have completely ignored Titania this week. I've been reading instead. I've plowed through 6 books in 5 days though which seems more restful than stitching right now.

I haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet, which is very unusual for me. I still have to buy for DH and for my coworkers. I have to go out this weekend to find something for DH's birthday on the 18th of this month and Mom wants to go out with me next weekend to look for Christmas gifts so I guess I'll hold off on the rest of my shopping till then. I also need to sit down and write out Christmas cards (thank you erin, chris, & valerie for the beautiful cards). I didn't send christmas cards last year because I didn't have anyone to send to so this is a welcome change this year.


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