Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Thank God they are gone!

Thanksgiving is over! I'm so happy to say that. When I got home from work on Wednesday, I baked an apple and a pumpkin pie.

I got up early on Thursday and took the 40 minute train ride to the airport and ended up waiting there for over an hour because the in-laws couldn't find their way from the concourse to the baggage claim. We took them to our house and talked for a while and then we went to Boston Market for lunch and then to my parents house for a visit, then back to my house for a slice of pie. After they had their pie (around 6:30pm) they said they were tired and wanted to go back to the hotel.

We got up early on Friday and met them at the hotel at 8:30am only to find that they hadn't gone to bed like they told us but wandered around the hotel area on foot and bought scratch off tickets. We went to breakfast at IHOP which they actually paid for after complaining that it cost more than dinner at boston market. They then wanted to go to underground Atlanta so off to the train station we went. We walked around there for what seemed like hours as we watched them go into all the stores and spend money on what was mostly junk. After getting back from underground, we headed to a michaels and then to petco and then to lunch at pizza hut and then they decided that they wanted to go to stone mountain. We were at stone mountain forever walking around which didn't help my poor feet or my DH's cold but at least it kept the in-laws happy. I did however have to experience quite a bit of embarrassment when MIL asked how my period was across the store in one of the shops and having FIL swear at what seemed like the top of his voice in the shops full of children. DH asked FIL to stop swearing after that and I made sure I stayed closer to MIL so that if she asked any more embarrassing questions, the whole park wouldn't hear. We finally got home around 11pm and fell into exhausted sleep.

We were up and at the hotel again at 8:30am on Saturday and then onto the train to take the in-laws back to the airport. We got home around 11am and got to sit and relax for a while and I was actually able to put a few stitches in on Titania. I then went to Nease's with Valerie and had fun watching her shop and even found a spool of Kreinik for myself. I then went back home and put my feet up and continued stitching until I was ready to sleep.

Sunday was spent stitching and soaking my feet while in painkiller bliss. I overdid too much while the in-laws were here and my tummy and feet were killing me.

Monday was insane at work which surprised me a little. It is usually a little busy after a long weekend but we've been sitting at work with nothing to do for weeks now so I didn't expect the overwhelming rush of people that we got. The funny thing about this is that today (Tuesday) is completely dead at work. It's so slow that I'm having trouble staying awake so here I am blogging and haunting the bboards.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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