Tuesday, February 01, 2005


It has been an interesting weekend.

After getting out in the "worst" of the weather on Saturday, I figured that getting out on Sunday would be no problem.

DH and I went to TGIF's to get some lunch/dinner. We were able to get into the restaurant and eat. I managed to navigate the completely iced over stairs into and out of the restaurant just fine. Then as I'm getting into the car and being oh so careful not to slip on the ice, I slam my head into the top of the door frame cause I wasn't bent over enough to get into the car! DOH! I've got a doozy of headache that has been there since I hit my head 2 days ago!

Work was insane yesterday. There were lots of claims being taken. My favorite was a man that yelled at me because we wouldn't cover his claim since he had liability only. The man lost control of his vehicle and hit a retaining wall. I explained to him that it wasn't covered because he didn't have collision. He tried to tell me that it wasn't an accident and I explained that hitting a stationary object, like a retaining wall, is considered an accident. He tried to tell me that it was an act of God because of the ice. I tried explaining that act of God would have been if a tree or ball of ice had fallen on the car but since he was going too fast and lost control of the vehicle, it was an accident. He tried to argue for quite a while and I finally told him that it didn't matter because he didn't have comprehensive to cover an act of God either. My favorite line that he said was that he was only doing 40 on the 55 mile an hour zone. It never even occured to him that maybe he should have only been doing 20!

Things have slowed down today. DH got his test results back from the doctor only to find that his triglycerides are dangerously high. His came back over 400 when they are supposed to be below 90. No more candy for DH! Everything else looked pretty good with his cholesterol only being slightly high so that's a good sign at least.

Hug your loved ones tight and stay warm!


Blogger Valerie (grvlgal) said...

I didn't even think about how busy you guys would be after the storm. Yikes! Hope your head feels better soon.


2:48 PM  

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