Saturday, January 29, 2005

I really don't like ice!

Well the weather conspired against us and stopped the get together.

Valerie got iced in at the answering service and I really don't envy her the 36 hour or more shift she is pulling. DH and I went out on the roads to take her some food after hearing that they were eating frozen coffee cake (yuck). Since the GTG was stopped, I took up the sandwich stuff and chocolate mouse, mini muffins and cheesecake that I had made or bought for it so that Val and the other two girls that were stuck there could have something decent and filling to eat. Plus it had lots of sugar to help them to stay awake but they didn't really look like they needed help cause the phones were ringing non-stop.

Chris met us up there and the three of us got to visit for a little bit while Valerie ate something.

Afterward DH and I drove Chris back home and then started home ourselves. We stopped at Crystal to get DH some food since he doesn't eat sandwichs. There were 5 cars that followed us into the Crystal so they got a little busy spell while we were there.

We then started back home and when I noticed that Burlington Coat Factory was open, I stopped there because my good winter jacket got really wet while I was de-icing the car this morning and my back up jacket fell apart as some part today. I am now the happy owner of a down jacket that comes down to just below my knees and it has a hood too which none of my other jackets did.

We're home now for the night. The roads actually weren't too bad but you did need to go about 10 miles under the speed limit on each road. The worst part about the drive was getting the car cleared :)

Hope everyone stayed home and warm today. I also hope that we can try the GTG again on Feb 12th.


Blogger Erin said...

WAAAHHH! We missed chocolate mousse? No fair! And dare I ask why your DH doesn't eat sandwiches? LOL So sorry I missed it. Maybe in a couple weeks.

7:51 PM  
Blogger Valerie (grvlgal) said...

I am REALLY glad that you guys came to see me today. It was the bright spot in a day that was a blur of endless calls. I did try to nap in the early evening, but it was pointless. I'm just going to have to enjoy mousse and cheesecake to keep me going until the next wave arrives at 8ish tomorrow morning. :)

9:04 PM  
Blogger ginny said...

I'll make mouse again for the next GTG.
Dh isn't fond of bread for some reason so he's not a big sandwich eater. When I first met him, he only ate potatoes and cheese pizza so I've definately introduced him to a lot of new foods and he a lot more stuff but salads, sandwiches and mac & cheese are apparently some things that he just refuses to eat.
I know he strange but I love him anyway :)

2:07 PM  
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